Universal Father 8


Universal Father 8

May 5th, 2019


Universal Father Message, June 30, 2014

Grids and no grids. 

What is partly in universal substance
holds forth
many manifestations of evil (energy veil),
influences wrought
since eons of time
to now.

How AM I to claim Mine Gaia’s own?

Through you and you and you, 
who resound My Hosts’ messages 
with untold realms of possibilities,
inherent and reflected in advancing missions 
defined so aptly in your AbundantHope pages. 

How pleased I AM. 

Proceed to dissolve unwanted grids. 
Shape My desires
from no grids form,
my material beings 
can aptly conjure My desires
under My Hosts’ mantle, 
the best of the best
for gifting and re-gifting the best.


Nodes, vibrations, vortex, wave fields; 
global networks, money, control; 
ley lines, ley nodes, harmonics; 

remove a vortex:
then fewer connections;
remaining connections are weaker.
What makes a money vortex?
Leave all that which is good, vibrational reality; 
thought forms,
high frequency,
low frequency,
free floating.

When – what 

not by time or dates. 
Crashing waves upon Earth’s etheric shores. 
Rip and dramatic tides:
soothe these, I say.

How to manifest My desiring into pairs of thinking.

St. Germain, 
your son, 
relies so very much on all flames.
Induction feeling, 
for manifesting waves at high vortices,
however long; 
fleeting mercurial fun, 

My Hermes friend, 
to help endeavors from heights
unmeasured by ordinary means, 
for plastic time interplays through stars, 
networking its filigrees.

— How much more can we/You all wait? 

Not at all,
for never, ever 
have you been waiting. 
Longing, yes, but not waiting. 
Have not your minds always been active?

Circuits abound 
around heavenly spheres, assisting,
no more taking their own movements away.

— How around? 

Sense quiet moments in centeredness, 
but not peaceful,
nor pax,
nor pace; 
the concept no longer applies. 
You must start this so. 
For peace is only the opposite of conflict
and conflict must dissolve, remain no more.

Mother of many, 
go among many; 
say so, SO. We await. 

Accept thine own mantle, 
fabricated in simple ignorance, a non-easy task. 
Awaken thyself to far reaching influence. 

Are ye not initiated?
Declare the Violet Flame 
from your own centeredness.
Make connection.

— Help, Universal Father. 
Guide me to know the movement, please, 
while I am appreciating all Source 
and AbundantHope and friends support.


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