Universal Father 7


Universal Father 7

May 5th, 2019


Universal Father Message, November 29, 2013

Every dear, dearest one,

Stand strong

when/if you find yourself suddenly
without your AH support baseline friends and contacts.

Right now,
however short or long the period,
amid the panoply of strife, discord and distress,
let your heart and actions reach out to those in turn 
who genuinely reach to you,
those who recognize
the Mantle you have acquired.

Seek and draw from My Unseen,
Knowing White Light —
not mere incandescence -–
staying centered and aside from mindless,
trigger reactions
by those that are certain to surround you,
the collective AH,
who are very few.

Yet, know where to give,
and re-give
while staying
centered in Me.

How glorious for you
to be able to receive
so great a Mantle of My Love!

Invoke its protection.

Universal Father

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