Universal Father 1


Universal Father 1

Archangel of Michael Message    

March 4/14, 2014

From whence come My charges, 
those that I invoke to Earth Shan’s care? 
Never in All of Supreme Creation 
as you count time 
have there been such conglomerates 
of forces and ships, 
recently reconfirmed by your brothers. 


do they guard the home 
of Michael’s Spirit of Truth.

And Michael’s 12 Dancers, 
protectively weaving the very 
Cube of Creation, 
the 6 pyramidal forms 
about Earth Shan; 
also unprecedented.

So precious is this orb, 

this original source 
of Michael’s bestowing 
the Spirit of Truth for all Nebadon; 
so determined are they 
who come from all 7 Superuniverses, 
that even Ashtar’s Command 
is challenged (with gratitude) 
to sort All interchanges 
into equal, dynamic balances.

Any origin 
of any Michaels’ Spirits of Truth 
are to be preserved 
for any local universe. 
All are special. 

Many, many more forces 
external to this world’s local universe 
would jump 
to the opportunity 
of dissolving 
negative interferences 
to so sacred an origin, 
if I were to allow it.

My scribe is requested 
to re-present, 
for you my representers, 
an entire Chapter from Phoenix Journal No. 7, 

The Rainbow Masters, 
“The Magnificent Seven.”

Universal Father


TUE., SEP 26, 1989    3:30 P.M.    YEAR 3, DAY 041


Oh, if you could but know 
the glory that exceeds Creation’s Light 
as the Heavens rejoice 
at this time of wondrous Ascension. 
As the brothers of thy Cosmic fleets 
fill the spaces about thy Earth, 
we know that this is the time when man, 
looking up at starlit night, 
shall begin to see and understand 
and the great “knowing” shall enter into his heart. 
We are there, friends, 
we are all here 
awaiting the commencement. 
The evil ones cower 
for they know it is all but finished, 
but they shall go most formidably –­ 
but they, too, 
must serve in the time of cleansing and sorting 
for ones must be “caused” to choose. 
Amen and Amen.  


The Day of the “Great Telling” 
that has been prophesied 
now becomes imminent 
when your affairs shall become 
more chaotic. 

You must now avail yourselves of your full armor, 

for the time 
of lighted protection 
is at hand. 

Do not fear the brilliance of the armor 
for it shall also serve 
as passport into the higher places — 
your shield. 
Man must also know you 
that he might have a place 
to seek his shelter. 
The Twenty-four Elders are awaiting you, 
and the Father 
speaks of you as His beloved sons 
in whom He is rejoicing for service well done. 
You are now approaching a time 
when it is of vast importance 
that you speak out 
so that many souls might be lifted 
in their final stage of development. 

all secrets shall be revealed 
in the Light of the new day 
when nothing can stand that is hidden, 
nothing that is dark 
shall not be exposed to the Light. 

It must be done in such a way, that man, 
who has become cynical and superstitious, 
shall be guided within 
rather than turned away. 
Some of the secret myths will wither and fall to decay; 
others shall spring forth 
in response to the new energy, 
but all shall be set to Truth. 
Man has attained 
a summit of his creation upon Earth. 
It has served its age-long purpose, 
and now he stands atop a mountain. 
Man on Earth 
does not even recognize his circumstance 
nor his gifts. 

Listen most carefully 
during these most stressful times, 
that you discern the Black Dragon bellows 
from the Light and voice of the Angels. 

The Dragon is as your Mockingbird 

who mimics the calls of Truth 
to bring upon you destruction. 
There shall come a great and blinding light 
and a crash of the thunders through the heavens. 
Then man shall be naked before his Creator 
and man will know, 
for all of history has only been lived and written 
that man may then know. 

Man has scaled the heights and depth 
of his experience on Earth 
to attain this po­sition of knowledge and wisdom. 

Out of the rumblings and dust of the past 
he will hear his own voice 
which will command him. 

Some day soon, 

after the “Great Telling”, 
a multitude shall wit­ness and hear 
the voice that speaks to them, 
the voice that swells as a thousand voices, 
yet only one, 
that says, 
“Come home, Earth, come home.” 


From this sphere of life 
is now emanating a Golden mist 
that shall enclose your world 
even as from this sphere 
for countless millions of years 
your world has been enclosed 
in the Golden Ra­diance 
that has brought it heat and Light, 

which is symbolic 
of the Father’s Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. 

That heat and Light 
is to warm man’s physical being 
and to give him 
the Flame of Spiritual Life. 

For it is the affinity 
between this sphere and yours 
that makes for life 
and makes it possible for you 
to search for Truth. 
from this sphere, 
the ones with the Golden Helmets 
of the commands of Light, 
your cosmic and galactic relations, 
have gathered as the Gathering of the Eagles. 

This gathering 
is in response to the Covenant of our Infinite Father, 
the Covenant of the Bow in the Sky. 
There shall shortly come into thy attention 

a Bow 
stretched across thy heavens 
such as Earth-man has never seen before 
in all his memory 
— for the translation of a planet comes but once 
from third to fourth perception — 
but once. 
There are other progressions but each is only once! 

The Bow across the sky 

shall be magnificent in color 
and will emanate 
musical sounds 
that shall come to the ear of all men, 

and they shall know a Calling; 

they shall know a Love; 
they shall know a Duty — 
and they must be prepared unto that day, 
chelas of the words of Truth –­
man must be prepared by these words 
brought forth for such purpose. 
From this Bow of Beauty, 
this Bow of Duty that calls to its own, 
it shall first appear 
as a great Violet Radiance over the entire world. 

Thy brothers in the heavens also await 
this moment of commencement. 

In ages past, 
these ones have only appeared to Earth in a very few cases 
on very special errands for the Infinite Creator. 

They, WE, of the Golden Helmets 

will be known to you as the Archangels by title; 
we are the mentors 
of the angelic messengers from these realms. 

Some special ones are already serving among you 
in various specific duty. 
Be gentle, for they differ, 
and some are pulled from their pathway, 
for they function most poorly in thy density,
and to them, 
all ones are blessed and seem to bear no evil. 

Ones are sent along as guardians, 
but sometimes those ones, too, 
are fooled by the clever ways of the Dark Brothers. 

Ah, you thought 
it would be your “space cadets” of which I speak — 
for this document will be regarding 
the Cohans of the etheric Rays 
and the Angelic Brotherhood 
who stand to serve of thee. 
We now come forth, dear ones, 
for the final Gathering of the Golden Chariots, 
when they shall gather to subdue 
the last remains of the darkness upon this Earth Mother; 

for over the entire world 
a Golden glow shall manifest itself, 
and when it lifts, 
those who remain will know truly 
that they are their brother’s keeper. 

This message will come to the selected scribes 

that each one’s traditional legends 
will finally blend in perfect harmony 
and all song will be as one voice and one language — 
unspoken but wholly understood. 
This is our mission, 

for it will not be long 
when this sphere itself is no longer of use. 
This is always the work 
of those who live 
in the very centre of their solar system, 
and under the golden corona of light. 

Man has always looked to this great orb 
for his very life, 
and rightly so that he should so do. 


There is a new chord 
(actually old, but you have forgotten), 
that is most real. 

But it shall cause man to be enthused 

that he would even seek to themselves 
to apply feather and wax 
to de­velop wings 
with which they might fly 
up to that Great Music. 

Ah, and ’tis a tender tale of the youth 
who would fly to his freedom with waxen wings. 
Yet he flew too close and without discernment 
and his waxen wings melted. 

He had thought 
that to reach the Golden Sun 
he might learn all the mysteries of mysteries — 
for you see, 
those of your ancient ancestors 
understood the importance of that 
wondrous source of light —
they did not believe the orb was but heat and flames; 
they understood it 
to be the Center 
and Life of this System. 
but now that body is in great age, 
as celestial bodies do age 
in the sequence of universal movement, 
that ones might change their stations 
and progress and move ever onward 
in the journey back into Creator. 

Just as we know no Time nor Space, 
we are, however, 
connected inseparably 
from you, of manifested format 
and thus we must count “time” as do you. 

This old Sun 
has now existed 
for over fifteen hundred billions of years. 
It will exist its allotted time 
and then it will explode as a star explodes —

but again, 

the end is only the beginning, 
for it has served us well 
and we all march onward. 

Humanity and we within this System 
will march on 
to other portions of the Father’s realms 
for they are infinite. 


This orb, however, 
shall not end until the Millennium is well passed, 
when once again the forces of darkness are released. 

Then shall the end come 
and this System disintegrateth in thought. 

All celestial bodies, 
whether star or world, 
are only the forms 
in which our Father Creator forms His Words. 

They are His Words 

that were spoken in the beginning 
that there should be Light 
and there should be substance. 

They are but His Words, 
and some shall disintegrate in thought —
that which was only thought in the beginning. 
Some day, 

in thy contemplatable future, 
you shall look 
upon a great purple plain ahead, 
a Golden light 
that draws you to it by its heat and warmth. 

Imagine what awaits those of Earth 
who have proved themselves to be His children —
for the Soul is end­less, dear friends. 
They shall not want for Truth. 

For lo, 

these many centuries 
our Father has heard the words 
of the sincere call from Earth —
the petition is now 
to gain response 
in its glorious fullness.
It shall be on Earth as it is in Heaven

Man shall no longer want for anything. 
He shall shortly take his place within the God places 
as a Son of God, 
for thy inheritance 
has been held in Truth 
for your acceptance. 

Ye will behold 

that which is beyond thy imaginings in thy present state. 
Even as you go about your mundane activities of the day, 

search those deep places 
of your heart place. 

Realize that this is the time we have been awaiting. 

The Great Master Teacher 
will close of the circle 
and again come forth upon this place of Earth. 

We all await with great joy 
for you to come into your knowledge 
as the Truth goes forth upon the lands. 


Above all 
The Creation IS – 

the Omniverse – 

the whole of The Creation is above ALL. 

There is the PERFECT ONE


What is behind the plan now unfolding upon the Earth? 

There IS a greater plan beyond, 
even beyond the migration from this Solar System, 
as we gave you before, 
and the answer to that 
is that we are being called 
from out of the depths of night in space 
to serve those who cry out unto us. 
What is the purpose of the schoolroom of Earth? 

What means all the tears, sorrow, death, misery, 
and anguish? 

You must develop and learn, 
but what of the greater plan? 
Would it only be 
that the world would become a dust of ashes 
from an atomic holocaust? 


The lesson to be learned 

is that Spirit (soul) may come to know itself, 
that man might be freed 
from the blight of the great lie of evil 
and grow into his whole-ness. 
The Earth is a school for wondrous

Fragments of the Father. 

It is so written 
that the harvest is great but the laborers few. 
in relative comparison 
the harvest is great according to the laborers, 

but from the total of Earth’s population, 
the Harvest is small indeed. 
It has taken years — millions and millions of years -­-
since man has been upon Earth 
to bring about this one small 
drop of Life 
to evolve in the crucible of time. 


Here is 
where Dharma will cringe, 
for what I will say 
represents blasphemy 
to the multitudes who have been victims 
of the great lie. 
The Earth is a classroom for GODHOOD —
to raise the God Fragments in stature 
to again be one with that Source. 

The Earth is 
the finely tuned instrument for the lessons —
not Mars, 
nor Venus, 
nor Jupiter, 
nor magnificent Saturn, 
nor spiritual Neptune, 
nor Mercury —
not even the wondrous Sun or its many bodies. 

The lotus rises from the slime of Earth. 

And now, 
there is a single bloom, so to speak, 
opening from the muck 

and shortly 

HE will reach forth and pluck it 
to take it home again. 



Therefore, you and your fellow-men 
are being conditioned for a great transmutation —
all who will come into the Light. 

Then we can march on 
to other worlds and universes 
that cry out for help. 

You who think you cease your work 
by graduation cere­monies 
must think again —
your work will only have begun. 

You are now being prepared for other atmospheres 
and other dimen­sional formats —
some are now making those transitions regularly. 

You will now be entering 
the dimension of total understanding. 
Accept that which the Father has for you. 
You will be leaving behind the density of travails 
of the old third dimension. 
The physical, as it is developed, 

is only to serve for a brief time, 
but within is the greatest period of learning. 

It appears that ye are but tiny sparks, 

but you are most wondrous. 

For, as a tiny candle flame, we shall burst forth 

into an area that has never before known Light such as this 
and we shall bring Light, 

even as the workers brought to ancient Egypt, 

the Light —
the one Light of Aton, 
through Akhnaton (yes, chela, ye shall again prevail). 

The people had never seen it before. 

Some it blinded, for it was too bright. 
They did not, just as today, understand 
because of its blinding light. 
It was a thing to be feared and shunned 
and many fell again into the comfort 
of the hiding places of darkness. 
Man claims to fear the darkness! 
No, this is not true —
man is afraid of light. 
Light brings forth all his self-inflicted wounds 
for viewing 
and he prefers to hide 
that he might not be noticed for his deeds. 


it takes courage to go forth into the light. 
Just as you look upon thy physical self 
and would make of the changes —
how do you know 
you are not the perfection of God? 

Ye choose to set thy standards 

by fools in physical cloth. 
So be it. 
Ye ones of this group have walked long and hard 
through the march of time —
We shall again endure — 
oh yes, 
we shall. 
Go, Dharma, 
and take rest 
for it has been a long day of work and stress. 
I shield you with the Blue Light of Peace 
that you ones 
shall come into the calm sea and renew, 
for the path is yet long 
and drearysome. 



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