While I cry on Your shoulder


While I Cry On Your Shoulder

April 14, 2019, 11:11 pm


And while I cry on Your shoulder

my tears so bitterly flow…

Yet, great is the change, in the daylight

Sun shines now with radiant bow!


The pains and the worries are plenty.

I look at my brothers and cry…

The world deeply goes through a morphing,

the hours so short, days go by…


We came all to be heroes and fighters,

all strongest and best of our kind.

In Christ’s shoes descended, in courage,

determined to save the mankind.


What wonder of wonders, this planet!

How depleted and raped she appears!

How her sacredness so horribly trampled,

and God’s children all murdered in fears?


How disruption was prospering, ages?

How such sacred a planet destroyed?

Oh, the monsters, the sharks and vampires

should go home with their robot and droid!


For all Life was created for laughter!

Universes and galaxies sacred!

Pain and sufferance are not of God ever!

Nor is war! Nor is kill! Nor is hatred!


Listen well, you who have lost your soul,

Father gave you to honor and care!

You are out! Cosmic Order is here,

in full force we end now human’s mare!






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