You Master The Magic


You Master The Magic


You master the Magic as a Son of your Father.

You  master the Magic to Be.

All your Life is a Wonder and your birth is a Magic

Father made you to master all Free.


Hark the trumpets that sound from heavens,

hark the Trumpet He sent you on Earth!

Celebrate now the Magic of mastering Freedom

and the Magic of your New Rebirth!


The Light Forces Ops In Egypt - Ankh


The Light Forces Ops In Egypt, by Lev, September 1, 2020

The Key of Amrita was also the Key of the Sphinx – the vibrational Code of Light that opened on the Subtle Plane access to the secrets and Sphinx’s Treasury.

After arriving at the Giza Plateau and entering the pyramid of Chephren (the middle of the three and the most powerful in energy), the ground team proceeded to activate the Amrita Key. There was a very high vibration inside the pyramid, but it did not prevent the successful completion of the procedure.




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