He was teaching me Beauty

He Was Teaching Me Beauty


He was teaching me Beauty,

He was teaching me Love.

All I have, is He gave me

in my heart, from above.


He created me Wonder,

He created me Grace.

All I sing, dance, or BE-ing

Is mine from His embrace.


I am His. What a Marvel,

what a reason to BE!

I am Beauty, and Wonder,

and my Love, this is He!


If I am, is His Present.

If I breathe, is His Art.

For baptized in His Mercy

are we all, from the start!


All my life is a Wonder.

If I live, is through Him.

I exist on a feather

and I dance on His beam.


Oh, no need run from Father.

Beyond Him is no hide.

All of His, we go Home now.

May I give you a ride?






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