Never More Wondrous


Never More Wondrous


Never will be more wondrous,

more beautiful in Light,

than in Your arms to travel,

by You to sleep all night!


There are riches and wonders,

there are words fine and bright,

but the most wondrous feeling

is to sleep by You tight.


I take my little children,

we are Your lion cubs,

by Your hands are we sculpted,

and we fly like the doves,


Every night to Your Isle:

We are Masters of Flight.

Father gifted us early,

as we born in His Light.


On Your Paradise Isle

You are always at home.

Bright Your gates are all open,

in Joy sounds Your phone!


In Your arms are we flying.

There is no wondrous place,

more enchanting and lovely,

than to be in Your brace…




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