Our Dance Has Begun


Our Dance has Begun

Heavenletter 6614

March 6, 2019


God said:

Beloved Child, 
you are about to strike up the band. 
I call to You, the You I speak to at this moment, 
and the You 
Who answers Me merrily 
at My behest and at your own as well.
Our dance has begun. 
A new day begins. 
You begin to accept the Truth of Oneness with aplomb. 
There is no other way to accept this but right away. 
the day has come. 
Breathe a sigh of relief. 
The day has come. 
It is alighting on Our One Self right now.
You revolve through the Universe. 
I proclaim You Oneness, 
and you begin to acclaim Oneness to your Self as well.
“Hi, God, 
Oneness is sinking in to Me. 
I am here. 
Thank You, God, 
You bless Me as Your Selfsame Divinity. 
Thank You.
I, the former multiple cast or outcast of encumbrance
as I used to see Myself,
now I am free to be You, 
without so-called blushing and embarrassment.
“I have cast off my imagined handcuffs. 
I digress no longer. 
I have caught Myself by freeing Myself. 
I am free to claim Myself as I am. 
I sit down right beside You. 
Oh, My God, honest to God, You, 
I am to the point where I confess I Am One with You – 
melded as free as a bird. 
I have arisen to You. 
Who am I if not One with You, Beloved God?
“I have raised the stakes 
by disallowing 
previous inhibitions and wanderings 
apart from You. 
My God and my Godness, 
no longer do I lower my eyes. 
Why would I 
when I have accepted Oneness with You 
for all time’s sake? 
Okay, for Your sake and Mine, 
I come over to the Wholeness of the One that is true. 
I am on Your side of the road 
and am One with You. 
You and I are One, 
the Infallible One 
and the Same. 
I do hope 
I have made all the right verb tenses 
and antecedents and capital letters 
to do credit to You, Blessed God.
“You and I are established Oneness. 
There is no one to fool. 
No longer do I hoodwink Myself ever once again.
“Truth is One. 
I, your One Servant do not attempt to fool Myself. 
No longer do I hoodwink Myself – 
Henry or whatever My given name may be – 
not once do I fall back 
into back-handed mistakenness. 
I am on the front lines, 
and now, so it is! 
l am 
on the front lines with You, 
the One King of My Heart.
“No longer do I attempt 
to defraud Myself 
with a lesser identity. 
I accept Myself 
once and for all 
to be true to thine Own Self, 
who is the same as My Self. 
No one casts God out from You once again 
as a subterfuge.”
Okay, kid, 
You belong to Yourself Who is, 
after all, My Self. 
This is a given. 
No one has the inclination 
to boot you out from My Company. 
No one stands over You. 
No one covers Your Eyes. 
No one does disservice to You. 
No one will try. 
I keep you unto My Fold. 
No one gets off a single try to do otherwise. 
Everyone is set the same by My decree. 
Holy art thou. 
So be it. 
Solely is Oneness made on high. 
Hallow-ed be Thy Name established on Earth, 
that is, 
My Name proclaimed high and true.
I am Your protector, 
although you require no protection.
No longer, 
Henry or Henrietta, 
whatever your earth-given name, 
do you dissuade yourself 
from the One Truth of Oneness 
where it hits 
right between Our One Set of Eyes. 
Our Call to Arms 
is Oneness 
Replete Where It Miraculously lies. 
This is how 
Oneness is Immaculate 
as it stands 
as Unvarnished Truth 
in Our Divine Oneness of Oneness.






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