Sophia Love: The Moment of Non Time


Sophia Love

March 3, 2019, 3:13 

The Moment of Non Time


March 3, 2019   3:13 AM
Is there someone wanting to connect?
It is I. It is One.
There are things to say. There are elements of this awakening worth addressing. There are opportune moments for the discussion and transmission. This being one of those moments, allow us to take full advantage of this.
Okay. I figure that by full advantage, you meant to speak to everyone at this time who is here to do so?
By “full advantage” is meant to utilize your availability at this moment of relatively little interference. Your mind is not now pre-occupied or over stimulated with things of your 3D world.
It is not, no.
Then, it can be most useful in the recording of conversation to enlighten and assist.
Are we in agreement on this?
I am.
Good. Let us begin then.
You approach now the end of days.
This is not the end of life, for there is no such thing in actuality. Yet, it is the end of days as you have always known them to be.
For in your recent history there has not been a time when you were NOT controlled. There has not been a free moment. There has not been a time that your mind was NOT full of “other” demands – these “other” demands have placed you in a subservient stance always.
You are either a slave to the demands of protocol to a society that places before you, standards of living to which you are demanded you acquiesce. None of these standards or ways of living are the creation of your own free thought. No.
Instead, they are ideas so firmly installed into your mind that you cannot sense their artificial installment. You assume your life is organized around things that you yourself desire.
Instead, and in fact your emotionally driven desires and directions are all instigated and directed by reactions to your slave state.
It is not that your body is in chains. Instead, it is your mind.
By association, your body and even your physical desires and needs are driven by this enslavement and your reaction.
You have not experienced a true response as a sentient autonomous life-form, EVER in this lifetime.
Oh, you will imagine this is not true and you will imagine that I am mistaken. Yet in every facet of your life, there is an element of subservience, enslavement and control.
From the god (or gods) you worship, to the food you put on your table, to the standards which drive your conduct – all are touched by some sort of outside control, pressure or manipulation.
You have not been able to escape this ever in this lifetime.
Until now.
This great awakening is the moment in which you discover (that) you have a voice, and then you use it to direct your own goings on – you decide and follow through on what is good for you or what it is you are choosing AND WHY.
Internal motivation is a hallmark of a completely autonomous being.
Some of your enslavement has been the outcome or result of additives to your physical life and structure. Not only through weaponized food, which is a major force, but through airborne chemicals, toxic sounds and images constantly placed around you, and poisons in the way of pharmacy.
You have not ever been cared for.
Indeed, there is a case to be made that for the first time now the human will be appropriately and adequately cared for, and this, AT HIS AND HER OWN HAND.
This too, is a mark of sovereignty.
You will feel, as this moment unwraps and you emerge without bonds, a bit disheveled.
You are unaccustomed to core freedom and may translate it to feeling empty or lost; without direction.
What you must grasp in this moment, in order to fully appreciate its import, is that you are not without direction. Yet you are without previously felt stimuli to determine that direction. You are not living as a reaction to circumstance but you are very much alive.
You are about to experience the full import of your human capabilities and decide as a force for creation – what to do with all of them.
This is a unique and precious moment.
You will, and as long as you remain open and unafraid, experience things because a part of you intended to experience them for the sake of a full and complete life/evolution/ascension.
Now is the time when what drives your every day is not so much what you’ve always done – but instead who you actually are. Your “higher self” is more present as an active force in your decisions.
This will make your actions, and the actions of those in your life, look quite different in many cases.
It is a time when you are invited to trust the plan.
It is a moment that will not be dictated by fear but energized by love.
Prepare to be amazed. Life will in many ways seem unrecognizable.
If you stop to breathe, and experience what power pushes it before you though, you will most assuredly recognize the feeling of it all.
(Note – this was felt as a recognition of feeling your true SELF. The power will be motivated by your own Source essence. Sophia)
It is the core of life itself and this, my dear, dear human, is love. It is what you are in your very essence and it is not what you’ve been taught – but it is what you will come to expect.
In every encounter and each interaction, look for the love. If you do not see it or feel it, take note and focus elsewhere.
For this moment for you now is primarily one of self-direction.
This direction takes you to the place you have determined will fulfill your destiny.
Grab hold and steer with a clear heart and joy. For you’ve done it, and you’ve done it without hand holding. Beyond a shadow of doubt, you’ve embodied autonomy.
You will not be shackled. You are no longer shackled.
It is now upon you to embody the freedom you’ve created for your race.
This is the thrill for which you’ve arrived at all.
It will not be had casually, but lived intentionally and with force.
All of these are the elements of the powerful, unique and beautiful being that is human.
I am complete.
Thank you.


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