when far, far in time

in the eons to come, 

when people will ask you

how were you ever able to survive

these excruciating pains of duality,

of separation from God and of prison,

of monstrous lack of Truth,

lack of justice,

of torturing, of killing

and murdering, sacrificing of babies,

of monstrous mind control by the leaders,

and fear and wars and coercion,

and tears and screams and dispair,

and struggle and no end of all daily nightmares…

When the children of future will ask you,


remember to tell them

it was, in all truth,

a miracle!

Heavy in pain, devastated,

you would have drowned long ago

without Father.

He alone 

was the One

at your rescue.

He alone 

kept you float

on the waters.

Alone that so loving, oh, so loving Father,

kept you alive through a puffy,

lion-paw thump in your tummy.

Whenever the tears won’t stop,

and no hope and the screams won’t be ending…

The Lion-paw marvel was hitting

and the heart would again revive courage.


So simple it was…Just a paw in my tummy.

A small miracle of Divine proportions.












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