As I Stand Dignified


As I Stand Dignified


As I stand dignified,

straight in front of my Father,

I guess, I am, in fact,

a pretty good a human.

What I don’t have – is patience!

Here i’m weak.

Oh, how my tears streaming,

in sufferance!…


Remember of the eons…

Shall we remember

all the eons of struggle?



of God.

His passionate servant.


Remember of the eons…

Atlantis…all glory sinking.

The flight to old Egypt.

Key to Amen-Thi, sacred.

Building the Temple, perfect,

of High Initiation.


Holding the Sword, to darkness.

Eons of fight. No ending.

Through the Red Sea, the righteous.

The wars, again. No healing.

Jerusalem, Gate crossing.

The Cherished One, descending.

The Joy, supreme.

New journey into Egypt.

The Cross. The death.

Cross waters into Éire.

Meet Avalon. The magic.     

Fighting the same, old Dragon.

High schools in Greece.

The flourishing Firenze.

Noblesse in France.

Fighting the dark in Britain.

On Turtle Island. Freedom.

The birth of a new nation.

And then in Russia. Treason.

The murdering of royals…


Not yet enough?

No patience?

Still crying through the ages?


Take wing and fly.

No tears.

Broken all locks. All cages.





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