Violet Radiance


Violet Radiance


Update on How to Receive Alexandra’s Direct Communications


Now, from this sphere 
the ones with the Golden Helmets of the commands of Light, 
your cosmic and galactic relations, 
have gathered as the
Gathering of the Eagles. 

This gathering 
is in response to the
Covenant of our Infinite Father, 
the Covenant of the Bow in the Sky. 
There shall shortly come into thy attention 

a Bow 
stretched across thy heavens 
such as Earth-man
has never seen before in all his memory 
for the translation of a planet comes but once 
from third to fourth perception — 
but once. 

There are other progressions but each is only once! 

The Bow across the sky 
shall be magnificent in color and will emanate 
musical sounds 
that shall come to the ear of all men, 

and they shall know a Calling; 
they shall know a Love; 
they shall know a Duty — 

and they must be prepared unto that day, 
chelas of the words of Truth –­
man must be prepared by these words 
brought forth for such purpose. 
From this Bow of Beauty, 
this Bow of Duty that calls to its own, 
it shall first appear 
as a great Violet Radiance over the entire world. 

Thy brothers in the heavens also await 
this moment of commencement.
(from Re-presenting, Universal Father & Archangel of Michael, 2014)


March 1, 2019 Message from Galactic Connection
Alexandra Meadors, Galactic Connection, March 1, 2019


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