January 22, 2019, 11:11


Great Day is this, so great, one cannot measure!

Come, come all dancing, brothers, fill the streets!

Let hearts rejoice in jig and song and tears,

our Victory, in Freedom’s holy beats!


Take you in arms each other, all my brothers,

just as our Highest Father Divine did.

In His Embrace we’ve all been held these eons,

for Victory to all His kin & kid!


Can you but grasp this Victory, this Wonder?

Can you but grasp the pain we all have crossed?

A Father’s Gift, of Heavenly proportions

our Victory, to end long ages lost!


Do celebrate today our Father Glory!

Know deeply it Is He, Who meant us FREE!

His Christ He said: there is no death in Heavens!

Bring Children Mine to Me, all Free, to Be!






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