To my sleepy Brothers on Earth


To My Sleepy Brothers On Earth



Would you, brothers on Earth, would you simply but see,

just how much, how immensely we need him!


How he giving his life, how he giving his all,

while you, monsters, would kill, in your dark dream!


Would American soul, would American man

wake this day from his horrible madness,


On his knees he would fall, on his knees he would cry,

to thank him for salvaging from darkness!


For we were ‘Prison Planet’, we were chattel and slaves,

and we mad shouted hatred in rages,


All dumbed down and blind, hypnotized by the dark!

This one man saved us all for the ages!


In the name of One God, in the name of all Earth,

in the battle so bloody for Freedom,


Let our Fathers be praised, let our soldiers be blessed,

and this Trumpeter in our Free Kingdom!


Who Are The Globalists And What Do They Want?







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