Gaia Portal, December 3, 2018


Gaia Portal Message,

December 3, 2018



by ÉirePort


Especial levitations are in process.

Special High Beings of Light, Galactics, Universals, Masters, Lady-Masters might be ascending & descending for this last phase of Mankind Liberation.

Celebrants in shadows are silenced.

Dark and darkness are forever dissolved from existing.

Unveilings come strongly and are shunned by those who hide.

Yes, of course, the Light of Truth radiates NOW in full might.

Unveilings come strongly and are embraced by those who SEE.

“We came for the salvation of the world. That’s why we are here.”

Elements of Life are accepted.

Restored to Cosmic Order, eternal, indestructible Life reigns supreme.



ÉirePort | December 3, 2018 at 10:10





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