Parked under our noses


Parked under our noses, are our Brothers & Sisters from space,

and in the millions!

November 27, 2018, Salem, Indiana, USA


 Gina Maria Colvin Hill 


And September 11, 2018, morning:

Those Universal Ships around the sun…

…those Universal ships have… well, Universals in them… along with special “SOURCE payloads” of Event energy. This sounds crazy, but that’s what we see in there; it’s hard to tell because it’s all LIGHT, and you have to squint to see what the various gradations mean. Anyway, they’re holding The Event energy in escrow for us, releasing it a bit at a time, with the BIG release set for “a certain timing.”/schrodinger’s 
Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 9.15.09 AM


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