Welcome to the Beginning


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Welcome to the Beginning

Aluna Joy ~ with the Star Elders

I know you can feel it. Something new is brewing in you. Everything is beginning to change. You can feel that your life will never be the same. And it won’t be. We are beginning to land into our future. We have moved past ethereal awareness and consciousness raising, and now into a new reality being anchored in the physical world … and it is tangible! 

The past is moving behind us now. Old energy drains and our personal demons have voiced their last roars. Old karmic contracts have been burned in the purifying fire of new energies. Past, unhealthy creations will no longer be supported by the new frequencies. Belief systems including fear, guilt, shame, regret, doubt, etc… will no longer be supported. As a friend Howard said “Belief System = BS”. The past will simply fade away like an old shadow in our memory, or like a dream that you forget when you wake up.


Yes… for those reading this, we are the way-showers now, as the out of date, past, miss-created history, and old belief systems lose their tight grip on humanity, and slip away into the cosmic recycle bin. We are being set free. The concept of karma is over. We have finished paying our debts. We will only experience life in instantaneous, real time cause and effect. We are beginning a new life on a much higher wave length, just as we had planned. The global reboot is a success. 

We have been in a much needed void, rebooting, recalibration cycle since December 22nd, 2012. This void is all but over, and I hear that we will really feel this by the end of January 2019 … and be fully free by 2020. So get ready, the passion is coming back. Break free from your inertia that we have become lost in. We have passed a huge pivotal point, and the wave we are surfing is going to be a welcomed rush. 


The void was expected and needed to help our bodies gently adjust to the influx of new energies. I know many of us didn’t think it was all that gentle, me included. But looking back at these last few years, I am glad that we had this somewhat frustrating recalibration time, as what is in front of us now might have been too much to physically bear back in 2013. We have grown so much. More outdated layers than we care to remember we have been pealed away from our old self to reveal our bright, new, human space suits. There were many challenges with health, relationship and any outdated creations as our bodies readjusted to new frequencies.

We can feel the new cycle energies awakening in sacred sites now. Energy is returning, but at a much higher bandwidth. We could really feel this new energy in England this last July. The sacred sites, stone circles and Michael and Mary ley lines were pumping very strong and new energy. It was hard to maintain balance as we worked there. We had to clear a lot of old emotions that belonged to us, and much more that was part of the collective consciences.

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In Egypt, this past month, it felt completely unreal. We all kept saying, “I don’t feel like we are here”. It felt surreal and ethereal, almost like we had landed into another reality altogether. We first thought it was jet lag … then later we realized that we were being bathed in brand new frequencies, unknown to humanity’s consciousness. We had no reference point for these new frequencies. I always say that it always happens in Egypt first. The mother country Egypt gives birth to new frequencies, and then they wash across the matrix of ley lines right into your sacred work across the globe.

You can feel the flow returning and new doors opening now. All the work that we have done to break away from the past has worked. You are now setting intentions for the future. Be mindful to what you accept into your energy field. Don’t let anything rent space in your soul that is not a good tenant. What you set your intentions on now will set you on a new, and maybe radically different trajectory. Welcome to the beginning. Welcome to your new home. 

A suggested decree… but please feel free to make it personal for you.

I fully accept the GIFT of freedom from old karmic contracts.

Thank you Great Creator.

I AM free from feeling responsible for other people’s wounds.

Thank you Great Creator.

I AM free from apologizing, defending or justifying my existence.

Thank you Great Creator.

I AM free from past events that drained me of my life force.

Thank you Great Creator.

I AM free from anything that does not support my God-ness.

Thank you Great Creator.

I AM no longer feeding past creations with my attention.

Thank you Great Creator.

I AM filling my future with self respect, peace, love and kindness.

Thank you Great Creator.

I AM choosing what is right for me without guilt, shame or regret.

Thank you Great Creator.

I AM focusing on what will fulfill my soul’s purpose.

Thank you Great Creator.

When we move beyond our past wounds, and miss-creations in history, we also heal our ancestral lineages and, ultimately, all of humanity! This is part of your path as a way-shower.


 Aluna Joy Yaxk’in – http://www.AlunaJoy.com – Ⓒ Copyright 1995-2018 




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