Sophia Love


Sophia Love,

August 23, 2018


August 23, 2018
I reach now to my friends on the Pleiadian Pipeline. Are you available to connect?
We are Sophia, yes. We are here now and so very pleased that you have called us to talk. There are many things to say now. It is an honor to participate in this uncovering. For uncovering is what it is, make no mistake. You are reaching deep within and pulling out those parts of yourselves and your world that you’ve kept hidden.
Thank you for coming forward. Will you continue now with any new and/or beneficial information for us?
We will, yes. Right now, on your world there are forces plotting an overthrow of those who are also on your world planning for its liberation. These plots will not be successful. It has been seen and it has been deemed that your world is liberated from its current enslavers.
What creates a lag in the process and conclusion are the many layers of those who imagine themselves having something to gain by your continued enslavement. This, of course, in a very real sense is not true. For if a part of a race is enslaved, then all of the race is constricted.
What is unseen by the enslavers is this truth. There is an un-awareness of any constriction as they confuse physical power with empowerment.
They are unable to love freely and visualize for themselves a taking only, of frequency, from those (whom) they imagine as their own.
What we’d like to say here and now is that this liberation will free more than just those of you enslaved. This is an enlightenment. It will simultaneously enlighten those beings who imagine themselves “winning” or “holding all the cards”. They will see, once liberation is complete, that they hold nothing at all and that, they had been holding themselves down (as well) and preventing what will be seen as an explosion of freedom.
Freedom is the ultimate power and even just a glimpse will have them hungry for more. This is a different topic than we’ve discussed with you before.
We open it now as you seem poised to unravel many dark secrets.
We would suggest remembering our words here when you do, and refrain from hatred of the “other” who held those secrets. For a universal moment of love and liberation will be exponentially better that way.
Remember always your Oneness.
We are, as always, honored and grateful for this contact.
Thank you, Sophia and friends.

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