Message from ONE


Sophia Love
Message from ONE
July 22, 2018 3:33 AM
Would whomever it was that woke me up 
come forward now to connect?

Yes Sophia.

It is I. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

I have watched you now navigate these current 
fluctuations of energy _____ .
They are brutal to your physical instrument, 
yet you are not despairing or imagining any state of despair.
This tendency to ride the wave 
is the thing I want to encourage. 
You are in for a storm of unimagined proportions. 
These, like nothing you’ve yet to feel.
You specifically, as well as empirically, 
would do well to remain always 
in a constant state of hydration and rest.
These frequencies are going to knock you off balance. 
As you see now 
they will instigate in your physical self 
what appear to be fevers and other signs of illness, 
infection, invasion by foreign bodies.
You must not assume 
any bodily response right now 
is indicative of new illness. 
Doctors will find no such illness. 
Resist all urges 
to be drugged with chemicals 
during these upcoming waves. 
These chemicals will alter 
your ability to take in consciously what is happening.
Ascension while physical 
will not occur overnight 
or without a host of symptoms 
for which there are no traditional explanation. 
The chills and fevers you feel now 
will be felt at one time or another 
by all who go through the process. 
The timing has to do with physical constitution 
as well as the process itself.
This is not a race, 
yet there are personal timelines 
and individual progressions 
that determine the appearance of symptoms. 
Strength and length has to do 
with how much processing 
remains to be accomplished 
and also your own choice.
Some of you are ready spiritually 
and residing in a body that is catching up 
to your readiness and processing 
This would be a way to explain 
what is happening for you Sophia, 
right now, 
with your current extreme episodes.
Others of you 
are physically more in tune 
due to original constitution 
and a lifetime of practices that yield for you 
a body in tune with these frequencies. 
For those of you in this dynamic, 
what may be happening 
in greater intensity 
is emotional upheaval within your world, 
your work, 
your loved ones.
For sure, 
all of you are in the midst 
of great and rapid alteration right now. 
Extremes in emotional and physical ranges 
are to be expected. 
Accepting them 
will allow your passage through the process 
a bit of calmness and ease.

It will not be easy.

This is not medical advice 
and those of you who have feelings of illness 
need to always follow your intuition 
in the decision around 
how to deal with these symptoms.
You will feel ill. 
You will despair, at times, 
of peaceful relationships and situations. 
Remember that you are changing 
and as you adjust, 
your body, 
your life, 
and everything in both must alter.
This will not be the same place in a year’s “time”. 
This is not the same place today 
as it was a year ago. 
The time frame of a year is offered 
merely to illustrate 
an easily seen method of comparison.
You are entering now, 
this coming week, 
a moment of intensity.
This next surge 
will be seen and noticed 
by everyone on your world 
and labeled. 
It will be one 
of the signs you’ve been expecting 
and waiting to witness, 
and its appearance is being already anticipated 
by those of you who are sensitives 
(who are akin to the canaries in the coal mine). 
Yet even you canaries 
do not clearly see 
the magnitude 
and resulting alteration 
of what is about to show itself now. 
There is no way for you to do so, 
it’s an individual process 
that will be experienced in unique ways.
Care for yourselves 
in each moment 
with adequate water and sufficient rest. 
Do not be alarmed at lack of productivity. 
You will each be in the correct place, 
at the perfect moment, 
to experience what you’ve decided to take on, 
and, in the manner, most successful.
You’ll have to trust your inner knowing, 
and this may be a challenge to do 
in the midst of such massive alterations.

Do not despair. All is in perfect order.

Your world is set for the next phase of its evolution. 
Active engagement happens now.
Rest often and remain positive in outlook. 
Do not ignore pain, 
yet do not define yourself by it either.
You are not merely this physical instrument. 
You are a piece 
of the Light 
who animates 
and inspires 
and embodies 
this physical instrument.
Your wisdom 
and capacity to carry this through successfully, 
is what has put you right here, right now, 
reading these words.
You will then lead the way for the rest, 
and in this way fulfill your mission 
to propel the Ascension of humanity. 
These are not small, inconsequential words 
and they are not said lightly. 
They are to inform you 
that you have entered 
a moment of very active engagement 
and you must 
stay the course 
The symptoms and reactions 
of the physical world around you 
may seem to be telling a story of disruption 
and alarm and destructive outcomes. 
Yet, go within 
via meditation and quiet 
and there you’ll find Truth.
If there is one thing I’ll leave with you now, 
it is that each process is individual 
and will be most accurately defined that way. 
Your sense 
of self awareness and inner peace 
will be the framing of your individual journeys now. 
Regardless of symptoms, 
it is in how they are handled 
and defined, 
that outcomes are determined.
It is the moment 
to include broad love and peace intentions 
for all that you know and love. 
Each of you came to accomplish this, 
and to do so as One. 
Do not despair. 
What is before you now 
will astound all of your senses 
and feel like home. 
You are doing a remarkable thing 
in a unique and remarkable way.
This method has been, 
and is continuously, 
currently altered by humanity’s 
deep sense of kinship with itself, 
regardless of outer appearances.

You’ll see. You are about to embark.

That is all. 

Thank you.






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