Message from ONE


Sophia Love
Message from ONE
July 1, 2018



Is there someone who wants to connect?


Yes, Sophia. It is I. It is One.


Thank you for coming forward.


I reach you now at once again a critical moment. 
Not critical in a sense that death possibly approaches. 
Yet critical in a sense of vitally important. 
You, as an individual and you, as a race, 
approach soon your rapid expansion. 
What this looks like varies for each of you, 

yet what it feels like does not.


It is in the interpretation of the feeling, the emotional aspect, 

where differences are perceived.


You will hear the Event described vastly different 
by each of you and it is not a different happening 

but a different perception of a happening.


It is in these perceptions that you differ.


The observer effect holds true in every case.


The Event is a rapid switch or increase in frequency.


It will be felt viscerally.


I am getting visuals.


You would like to share them now?


I would, yes.


I saw/see at the same time, two women. 
One smiling with her arms outstretched 
and head thrown back. Her hands are moving. 
It is like she is waving it on or in or through her – 
I cannot see what she is responding to, 

only in her expression and action do I witness it.


The second woman looks ill, she huddles herself in blankets, 
pulls them around herself 
and the feeling that accompanies this is fear. 
She appears in darkness in my visual. 
This is in sharp contrast to the first woman, who was outside, 

her hair was blowing in the breeze.


That is what I saw.


What you witnessed describes/displays just two ways 
of the many that this Event will be experienced. 
Outdoors, indoors, standing, lying down, 
awake or asleep, it will be noticed. 
Whether or not you are cognizant of what 
it means when felt, is a personal choice. 
Decisions in this regard have already been made.
For you are human 
and individuality of expression 

is your hallmark trait.


Your message is coming too fast to decipher now. 
Please adjust so that I can get this down. 
am seeing DNA strands.



What happens for you 
as you experience this physical Ascension 
and what has been called “the Event” 
is that parts of your DNA previously unused 

will turn on.


These are things you may already notice.


I have been having many experiences 
of telepathy and sight beyond the usual 3D sight, 

these recent days.


With the completion of the Event, 
it is as if your unused component parts 

are invited to the party.


This doesn’t mean they will all show up.


It means that they have reached maturity 
in a sense and are now allowed to.
Whether or not they participate in your current 
depends on your personal choice for evolution. 

These choices have been made.


They will not be un-made or changed, 

but instead they will be now evident for all to witness.


Each body holds equal capabilities. 
Each lifetime utilizes and learns 

from specific actions and choices.


What is imminent is the Event.


What gets played out now with the Event 

is your choice of Ascension process.


It is now for you to focus on your inner desires, 
dreams and beliefs. 
As the answers to your questions show up – 
believe them, regardless of their source. 

For you are entering a moment of magic.


It will last as long as you respond to its offerings 
and allow them to multiply.

Within them, YOU burst forth – YOU.


This is the physical representation of your actual signature. 

This takes time.


Imagine the upheaval 
if your world was transferred overnight 
into one with 8 billion Genuine Articles. 
The strangeness would overwhelm you all 
and what is a beautiful thing 
will become un-feasible to comprehend. 

This is chaos and not the plan.


No. Instead, the Event opens the door – 
extends the invite 
and each of you decide just 

how deep into the rabbit hole you want to go.


It is not a question of if you are able to. 
Instead it is a playing out of your decision 

about whether or not you want to.


Each of you will go just precisely where you’ve chosen 
and it is the one perfect place for your soul’s evolution. 
Trust every decision made from a base of joy.

Remain open to magic.


You’ve come up to that door and are about to live there.


This is what I wish to share with you now.


Thank you for coming forward.


This conversation ended. 
As it did, and I was writing the last few words, I heard 
“It is done.”

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