Heavenletter 6367


Heavenletter 6367 

Represent God Now! 

July 2, 2018


God said:

come now, sit near Me. 
Please set aside the grim conclusions you persist in. 
Let go of the idea 
that you are going through a hard time. 
You seem to have an inclination 
to declare hard times are here again. 
Reinvent yourself. 
Sing a new song.
Change your mind about suffering. 
No more are you, even once more, 
to exploit the old idea of putting yourself down. 
No more. 
Not once more are you to diminish yourself. 
Every time you do, it’s as if you have hired a blimp 
to fly in the sky with a sign that says: 
“Hard times are here to stay.”
You may even have some such song 
blaring high in the sky 
for all to look up to and listen to.
As you walk along the street, 
you yourself may hum a dour song.
Instead, keep singing: 
“Happy days are here again!” – 
and mean it. 
Stand up for what you want 
and for that I ask you to sing out in joy.
Vow to Me. 
“Holy God, 
from now on I will give You incentive 
to urge the Universe 
to highlight all the blessings that are mine. 
You want me to underscore my good points. 
It’s clear that you want me to look up at You 
and announce myself in good fashion.
You want me to change my outlook from ho-hum 
to what You see as true, 
whereas I tend to see 
that You go too far in Your praise of me 
without substance, 
something I see as more on the order of a promissory note.”
not a promissory note. 
No, indeed. 
Rather, I see as a warrantee 
and delivered by Me, 
Despite your insecurities, you can believe Me. 
I speak truth. 
I do not lead you on. 
Believe in your own Self. 
Speak well of yourself. 
Smile at the right cues.
Accept the proposition of speaking well of yourself. 
This isn’t a radical idea 
when you consider that you are 
My child and of My Oneness.
I ask you to face front 
and have much more confidence in yourself. 
From now on, when you look in the mirror – 
and when you don’t – 
smile at yourself 
and remind yourself that I ask you 
to meet the coming day with not just a cursory smile, 
rather with a wide smile 
that sparkles 
and can only attract goodness and mercy 
to you all the days of your life.
Beloved, say: 
“Heidi hi ho!” 
to this day 
that is about to unfold before your very eyes.
you are already on stage. 
If you happen to be an announcer 
introducing someone else, what might you say? 
I know you would not appear to announce 
in the seeming way you have been, such as:
“Hello, folks. 
Here’s just some so-so guy to introduce to you. 
Apologies, if you will excuse me, 
I couldn’t find anyone better than this today. 
This has been my run of luck lately.
Please excuse me for 
disappointing you.
“What kind of emcee are you anyway?
I ask you to speak well of everyone, 
including yourself. 
Do you really think you do not exist 
or that you are invisible 
or that you are not much? 
Change your tune now.
Announce yourself. 
Speak up 
so everyone can see you and hear you. 
Speak up 
in a lively manner. 
Speak up. 
Be heard. 
Radiate sound and light. 
Speak as I would speak on your behalf. 
Now I suggest 
you are to speak on behalf of Me. 
Is this asking too much?
Not at all. I say: “About time.”




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