Cosmic Awareness


By Terra Zetzz – May 22, 2018

Callista: Do you have a message for us today, please, Awareness?

Cosmic Awareness: 
That which is the collective voice, 
the collective consciousness 
of that which is Cosmic Awareness 
is indeed available at this time and does indeed have an important message.
That this massage has to do with the events 
that are ready to take place now, 
events that have been long in building up to a point, 
a needle point, 
a raiser point in consciousness that will have great power, 
intended force 
that will change the course of human history 
and specifically shatter the veils of illusion and delusion 
that have been in place for some time.
This has much to do with the events in the United States of America, 
events that have been building up over the last months and years, 
hidden behind a veil of secrecy, 
from the few of those who have had power for so long, 
those who have had corruption 
and deceit 
and ill intent 
towards the people of America for so long.
While this is an event that will have great significance in America, 
it will shake the very foundation 
of humanity itself 
It will indeed be the shot heard around the world 
and the precursor to other events 
that are ready equally to begin to unfold 
and to be revealed in the weeks, months, years ahead.
It is a point of epic proportions 
and a point of no return, 
for when the events that are ready to take place 
there will be no going back to where it once was, 
but rather a movement forward into those unknown realms of the future. 
An old dream, indeed an old nightmare 
is ready to come to an end 
and a new dream, 
a new vision, 
a new human experience is beginning to dawn 
in the paradoxical nature of human events.
The events that are ready to occur 
have been a long time coming. 
And yet, here it is on your doorsteps, 
here it is 
ready to burst the illusions and delusions 
of those who have been asleep for so long, 
those who have been manipulated and controlled for so long, 
those who are totally unaware of the truth 
of the reality that lies beyond their conception.
For their conception and perceptions 
have been controlled and manipulated for so long 
that they do not know of any other truth. 
And that truth which has been accepted for so long 
is the very truth 
that is ready to be destroyed 
by events of great magnitude 
that are needed and necessary at this time 
to finally begin 
the process 
of ending 
the control and manipulation 
that have been practiced upon humanity 
for some time.

For not decades, not hundreds of years, but for thousands of years now 
humanity has been imprisoned, 
humanity has been led down a lane 
towards its own destruction, 
its own disappearance. 
This awareness has spoken of the razor edge 
of events and energies that are under way. 
It spoke of the energies coming through from 2017 into 2018, 
that these energies would continue. 
And they have built to a point now 
where it is not only a razor edge but a needle, 
a sharp point 
that will burst 
that which has been the 
prison walls 
that has surrounded humanity for so long, 
but specifically 
that have imprisoned those 
in the great state of the United States of America, 
into an American dream that has no longer served and does no longer serve, 
that has actually led many 
into the level of enslavement 
that humanity, that America finds itself in 
Several months earlier 
this Awareness spoke of the unzippering of America, 
that event that opens up America 
so that which lay within and under the surface 
finally can be released. 
And this is the process that is under way.
And there are those who are involved, 
who are deeply involved, 
who have been involved for some time now, 
who are the head actors, players, participants in the unfolding events, 
events that will shatter the illusions and delusions of America, 
events of such great magnitude 
that many will not be able to comprehend or understand what is happening.
And many may find their world falling apart 
as their country falls apart. 
But this is not truly an energy of destruction, it is an energy of transformation. 
A transforming from that which has been to that which will be. 
Many of you are particularly here at this time 
to be part of this great time, 
this epic event 
and to be part of the dream that is now beginning. 
But for the new dream to begin 
the old dream had to come to an end 
and is now coming to an end. 
Be prepared 
for the upheaval that the next week will bring, 
events to such great magnitude 
that many will not understand, 
but many will.
For those that understand 
this is but the beginning 
and an ending as well, 
that this is your choice to be part of it, 
that this is the very act of empowerment 
that you have been waiting for, 
that you have been dreaming of for so long. 
And these events are those events that are ready to unfold now.
Hold on for the ride, 
hold on for the future, and remember: 
it is the future you have dreamt, 
it is the future you have wished for, 
it is the future you are here to participate in. 
And it is so.

Channeler: Will Berlinghof
Website: Rainbow-Phoenix




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