Unprecedented Message




FREEDOMsRAY annotations 

TUE., SEP 26, 1989 3:30 P.M. YEAR 3, DAY 041

Oh, if you could but know the glory that exceeds creation’s light as the heavens rejoice
at this time of wondrous Ascension. 

   *** What an emotional reassuring that the Ascension is happening! 
          Heavily burdened with our hard life and all turmoil down here on earth, how grateful we take a Celestial’s 
          message, who sees the whole picture!
          What an invitation to taste the glory that exceeds Creation’s Light, from our tiny dot Gaia perspective!
          To learn how even Heavens rejoice in our Victory.

          And to hear the Prince of Archangels calling this our Ascension “wondrous”!

As the brothers of thy Cosmic fleets fill the spaces about thy Earth, we know that this is
the time when man, 
looking up at the starlit night, 
shall begin to see and understand
and the great “knowing” shall enter into his heart.

   *** 2000 years ago, Jesus the Christ told us that “Man has to always do the first step”.
          After centuries of invocations done by generation after generation of humans, calling upon the Creator Father 
          to save mankind and our earth from enslavement through the Dark invaders, we finally get assured of
          Father’s response.                                                                                  
          Our calls have been heard and Gaia’s cry as well. In the virtue of Father’s Divine Plan for Salvation, the Cosmic      
          Fleets of our brothers came from all depths of Creation to assist us.
          The nights are in truth lit by their ships.
          Animated by hope and wonder, our hearts open again to our inner knowing, as we remember.

We are there, friends, we are all here awaiting the commencement. 

   *** The Commencement of a Golden Age of the Spirit of Truth on Gaia as the completion of the Salvation Plan.

The evil ones cower for they know it is all but finished, but they shall go most formidably —
but they,
 too, must serve in the time of cleansing and sorting, for ones must be “caused”

Amen and Amen.

    *** The evil ones have unprecedentedly abused the Universal Law of Free Will for far too long. They have
            been given innumerable times the chance to turn back to Light. In this times of utter turmoil, the hard lessons 

            are as beneficial for them, as they are for us. By accepting more Light, many may choose anew.


The Day of the Great “Telling” that has been prophesied now becomes imminent when

your affairs shall become more chaotic. 

    *** Indeed our whole world is caught up in chaos. There is a madness, an insanity that plagues our statesmen/
           leaders in these present times. As a result there is violence, war and unimaginable suffering. The financial
           /economic situation is just as chaotic. Ours all life is totally out of balance. 
           Religion was manipulated by raptors. as such man lost his connection with God and his faith. The tribulations
           we go through are shattering and awakening us. Many remember God, when they face this despair. As such,

            a great hope animates all, the hope in a Day of the Great Telling, when the Spirit of Truth wins over darkness.
            What a relief for our weary 
souls, to hear that the prophesied Day of the Great Telling is imminent!
            What a marvel, to live that Day in fullness!

You must now avail yourselves of your full armor, for the time of lighted protection is
at hand. 
Do not fear the brilliance of the armor for it shall also serve as passport into
the higher places — your shield. 

Man must 
also know you that he might have a place to seek his shelter.

    *** Our hearts are in Joy, for not needing to hide our Light any longer. What a unique way to tell us such things!
           We are crying, in Joy, and in Wonder. We find out, all at once, that our Light is indeed our armor! 
           What a massive growth in awareness that must be! To finally BE yourself, and to dare say loud I AM.  
           To shine your brilliant Light in the open, and find out that it is your shield!
           And that it even shows many brothers
 the way!  
And that that Holy Time is at hand.

The twenty-four elders are awaiting you, and the Father speaks of you as His beloved
sons in whom He is rejoicing for service well done. 

   ***It is this loving, loving tone of Archangel of Michael that is so touching. In all this message of his,
         we delight in his love, exuberance and enthusiasm. He mirrors for us in such a lovely way, first, that
         Father speaks of us as His beloved sons! In whom He is rejoicing for service well done. And he himself
         is overwhelmed of such marvel, opening his heart right away to praise Father’s Glory!
         The 24 Elders are the 24 Heads of Universal Civilizations, known as the Council of God. In awaiting
         us, we understand that a Great Celebration is to take place, to re-Unite all those who were working
         ages long, assiduously helping this special Starseeds of Gaia to win Victory over the monstrous dark

         raptors here, so that in FREEDOM she can accomplish hers & mankind’s Ascension.

You are now approaching a time when it is of vast importance that you speak out so
that many souls might be lifted in their final stage of development.

   *** We are certainly asked to stand tall and speak Truth out, because we KNOW. Since lie is indeed suffocating the

          whole Earth, we are told of the enormous importance of making known the Truth to all people. So that all our 

          brothers’ souls can be uplifted into the Light.

Shortly, all secrets shall be revealed in the light of the new day, when nothing can stand
that is hidden,

nothing that is dark shall not be exposed to the Light. 

   *** Again, the beautiful reassurance, that a New Day is finally, finally coming to Earth! That new day of 
          a finally bright New Dawn we are waiting for ages. In which brilliance nothing that is dark can exist.

It must be done in such a way that man, who has become cynical and superstitious, shall be
guided within 
rather than turned away. Some of the secret myths will wither and fall to decay;
others shall spring
 forth in response to the new energy but all shall be set to truth.

   ***  Indeed the souls can be touched just by Love. The suffering of people was squeezing out of their poor
           hearts all hope and all trusting. They need be approached in Love, for them to be able to regain their vigor    

           after ages of hardship.
Man has attained a summit of his creation upon Earth. It has served its age-long
purpose, and now he stands atop a mountain. Man on Earth does not even recognize
his circumstance nor his gifts. Listen most carefully during these most stressful times
that you discern the Black Dragon bellows from the Light and voice of the Angels.
The Dragon is as your Mockingbird who mimics the calls of truth to bring upon you

   *** What a joy, to find out that after generations and generations, we of Earth were indeed reaching
​           a summit of our creation! The purpose of the Universe is accomplished, such that we are seen now 
           atop a mountain. How true that is, that man indeed does not know his grandeur and all his gifts
           in God. Times are so hard, but it is now we can better discern the sheer discrepancy between the
           horrid noise of the dark and the beautiful voice of the Angels. Indeed destruction is upon us, and
           it was brought by these ages of utter enslavement.

There shall come a great and blinding light and a crash of the thunders through the


   *** So, let’s begin!
          There must be a supreme lightening, if Supreme is to speak. And the thunder is to fill all the Heavens,

          if the Father is speaking.

Then man shall be naked before his Creator and man will know, for all of
history has only been lived and written that man may then know. Man has scaled the
heights and depth of his experience on Earth to attain this position of knowledge and
wisdom. Out of the rumblings and dust of the past he will hear his own voice which
will command him. Some day soon, after the “Great Telling”, a multitude shall witness
and hear the voice that speaks to them, the voice that swells as a thousand voices, yet

only one, that says, “Come home, Earth, come home.”

    ***Of course, facing our Creator no man can ever hide. And the moment of facing will be the moment of our
          remembrance. The purpose of very existence will finally dawn onto the man’s mind. For into the eyes of 
          his own Creator, the man will see himself. And will remember why he has come here: to find himself.
          Archangel of Michael can tell us so simply that all our experiences we went through were our school and 
          university. That they were the means for us to gain knowledge and wisdom. What an accomplishment for 
          us, to realize all this meaning and purpose!
          And with the remembrance of Who We Are, we will start hearing our own voice in our heart, the One voice of
          God! What a blissful revelation, to be God’s Son! To clearly hear the voice of our Father in us!
          For in that day, when His Voice will be heard, we will finally grasp His Divine Plan, to come Home into Him!


From this sphere of life is now emanating a golden mist that shall enclose your world
even as from this sphere for countless millions of years your world has been enclosed
in the golden radiance that has brought it heat and light, which is symbolic of the
Father’s Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. 

   *** How uniquely Archangel of Michael puts it!
           In our earthly words, if we try to translate it, we see the mighty Sun in the center of our Solar System growing
           stronger and stronger and lighter and brighter. It is the energy of Love and Renewal emanating from Father
           Himself to revive our tiny dot Gaia. We heard of it being an unprecedented, mighty WAVE of Divine Fire from
           the Heart of God. It washes all infinite Creation in its way, aiming directly into the Central Sun of this very
           Universe of Nebadon, the Universe of Sovereign Creator Son Christ Michael Aton and his beautiful consort,
           Infinite Mother Spirit Nebadonia.
           Through the Divine work of Transition, Transformation and Transmutation performed by Christ Michael Aton,
           assisted by all the Masters/Archangelic realms and all the Hosts of God, the WAVE is further sent into our Sun. 
           It is here where our Sun powerfully projects its Golden Radiance into the whole Solar System. That Golden
           Radiance that embraces us all in its blessed heat and light, surely Father’s Divine Love and Divine Wisdom.

That heat and light is to warm man’s physical being and to give him the flame 
of spiritual Life. For it is the affinity between this sphere and yours that makes for life 
and makes it possible for you to search for Truth.

   ***  So, here the great Mystery:
           The heat of the Sun is adjusted and accommodated to give our physical bodies the comfort of well-being;
           But the light – the Light – gifts us all truly with Divine Life, enabling our souls and spirits and minds and

           hearts to sense, and to grasp, the overwhelming Presence of the Spirit of Truth in this small, physical planet.

Now from this sphere the ones with the Golden Helmets of the commands of Light,
your cosmic and galactic relations, have gathered as the gathering of the Eagles. This
gathering is in response to the covenant of our Infinite Father, the covenant of the bow

in the sky.

   *** Stretching our imagination beyond all limits to catch this message:
           There will be a wondrous BOW in the skies, our Infinite Father will manifest as His Covenant.
           To manifest this Covenant of the Bow, a wondrous Gathering of the Eagles will take place.
           These beautiful Eagles coming to the Gathering will be our Brothers and Sisters from Higher Realms.

           From the Sun sphere they will descend, all wearing their radiant Golden Crowns of Spiritual Light.

There shall shortly come into thy attention a bow, stretched across thy heavens such as
Earth-man has never seen before in all his memory!
For the translation of a planet comes but once from third to fourth perception — but once.
There are other progressions, 
but each is only once! 

   *** Yes, it came once, months ago, an amazing vision of this beautiful wonder. There were
          multitudes of Host filling the Heavens. Hovering all they were, light and shiny, in robes
          majestically flattering in gentle wind. Multitudes of Angels among them too, with their wings so 
          fine slightly moving. 
          The skies were open so we could see all through. We were looking in awe from the surface, not
          daring believe our eyes.
          The Hosts of God were carrying a bow above their heads, all their arms lifted. It looked like a 
          silky rainbow, of fantastic proportions, for it was covering all. The colors in the bow were 
          indeed not seen until now by any human eye. But they were living and vibrant, and not only 
          seven, but hundreds and hundreds of all brilliant Rays, dancing in one-another in harmonies 
          The magic of that moment was indeed not ever be described in any earthly words…
          For mesmerized by the lights we perceived also sounds, such celestial music and tones we would 
wished to forget, or ever stop.

The bow across the sky shall be magnificent in color and will emanate musical sounds
that shall come to the ear of all men, and they shall know a calling;
they shall know a love; they shall know a duty — and they must be prepared
unto that day, chelas of the words of truth — man must be prepared by these words

brought forth for such purpose.

  *** We can hear but Love. A Bow across the sky sent to us by the Father — what else can be but Love?
          A bow touching all our inner hearts to but remember Him. A music of the Heavens vibrating in our hearts —
          that cannot be but Love. For the strings would be tuned directly to our souls, and with that we will know.
          We will remember the promise we gave our Father and the task we came for.
          Truth alone will bear the power to strike our chords, for in truth we will need to remember we came to save 

          the world.

From this bow of beauty, this bow of duty that calls to its own, it shall first appear as a

great violet radiance over the entire world. 

   *** Is this not Father’s pure Desire? 
          Is this not His Divine Plan for Salvation pulsating?
          Is Gaia not flooded and penetrated all through her living substance underground, on the surface and all around
          her by the invincible Violet Flame? Is not this beautiful, vibrant Ray of Light from the Heart of God identified
          as the Highest Divine Energy of the Spirit of Truth? 
          It sure is.
          Brought about in perfect unity by multitudes in service, above and below, under the First Source and Center’s
          direct aegis.

          Such the Beauty of this harmonious unity, and why all in service so deeply feel the call of their duty.

Thy brothers in the heavens also await this moment of commencement. 

   *** The Gathering of all humans, the Reunion of families above and below, this is 
the moment of commencement.

In ages past, these ones have only appeared to Earth in a very few cases 
on very special errands for the Infinite Creator. They, WE, of the
Golden Helmets will be known to you as the Archangels by title; 

we are the mentors of the angelic messengers from these realms. 

   *** The Angels and Archangels will be then walking the earth among us humans.

Some special ones are already serving among you in various specific duty. 
Be gentle, for they differ, and some are pulled from their pathway, 
for they function most poorly in thy density; and to them, all ones are
blessed and seem to bear no evil. 
Ones are sent along as guardians but sometimes those ones, too, are fooled 
by the clever ways of the Dark Brothers. Ah, you thought it would be your 
“space cadets” of which I speak — no, for this document will be regarding 
the Cohans of the etheric Rays and the Angelic Brotherhood who stand to

serve of thee.

    *** Indeed, many a pure heart was falling victim to the deceitful ways of the dark.
            We never ever should have judgement for them, for it is in their innocence alone, that they cannot even conceive of the
            evil! And so they fall prey to manipulations. It is precisely their angelic nature that refuses to functions in this so thick
            morass of our density. 

            The times we are soon going to reach are indeed full of blessings and of gifts. In these times, the great Masters
            Cohans of the Divine Rays, as well as the Angelic Brotherhood will all descend to serving Gaia and humanity.

We now come forth dear ones, for the final gathering of the golden chariots, when they
shall gather to subdue the last remains of the darkness upon this Earth Mother;
for over the entire world a golden glow shall manifest itself, and when it lifts, those who
remain will know truly that they are their brother’s keeper. 

   *** This is the exact hour, when Gaia Portal messages announce (today, February 28, 2016) that those last remains
          of the dark ones, still stubbornly refusing to unite with all in the Light, are taken out and dissolved.

          So the Cosmic Migration of our spiritual families come here to take us home, seems completed.
          This is the Final Gathering, the real kernel of Archangel of Michael message, a real aeons-old Seal, 
          Father told us that AAoM was envisioning. It is to understand that, as High Beings and representatives of
          Spirit, their own craft will radiate Gold, as they themselves.

           Maybe the mighty Sun of our system will cover us all in a powerful Golden Glow for this Gathering.
           Or maybe the whole immense Bow manifested by the millions of ships will fill our skies with that Glow.
           In any case, the humans here, surviving that tremendous impact, will soon realize they accomplished Ascension.
           With this realization, their souls will be imbued with that mature responsibility for the mighty Creation, in

           understanding that our brothers and all Nature and Life are to be kept by all in highest respect and in Love.

This message will come to the selected scribes that each one’s traditional legends will
finally blend in perfect harmony and all song will be as one voice and one language —
unspoken but wholly understood.

   *** Given the many exceptional seedings of our earth and the development of very many cultures and civilizations here,
          ​there are of course a whole variety of legends of our Creation.
          With the Day of the Great Telling and the Gathering of our brothers, we will finally get to know the real story of our
          Creation. Since there is but ONE God and Creator, we will hear the one unique Song of our all Creation, in one voice and
          one only language, and we will understand.

This is our mission, for it will not be long when this sphere itself is no longer of use.
This is always the work of those who live in the very centre of their solar system, and
under the golden corona of light. Man has always looked to this great orb for his very

life, and rightly so that he should so do.

   *** Amazing cosmic vision the Archangel of Resurrection is entrusting us with. In the wake of this Sacred Mission, we deeply
​          sense his passionate Love and infinite devotion for the Divine cause.


There is a new chord (actually old, but you have forgotten), that is most real. But it
shall cause man to be enthused that he would even seek to themselves to apply feather

and wax to develop wings with which they might fly up to that great music. 

   *** Not yet discovered by us, that new, old and most real chord. But there will be music, for everything the Father
          creates is embraced in His song. There is a music of the spheres, and there is a song for each and every child 
          created, each songbird and flower and blade of grass… And there will come a moment, for sure, when that chord

          will be struck. And our ears will surely melt, in remembrance, in Love and in hoping, and in longing for Home.

Ah, and ’tis a tender tale of the youth who would fly to his freedom with waxen wings. 
Yet he flew too close and without discernment and his waxen wings melted. 

   *** Icarus, centuries in the past; what an ardent dreamer!

He had thought that to reach the Golden Sun he might learn all the mysteries of mysteries —
for you see,
those of your ancient ancestors understood the importance of that wondrous source of
light — they did not believe the orb was but heat and flames; they understood it to be the

center and life of this system.

   *** He was dreaming to reach the Golden Sun as to find the Mysteries of Creation. Those were times when great wise

          men and magicians were walking our earth, and they took the hot Golden Sun for a tool of Creation.

Ah, but now that body is in great age, as celestial bodies do age in the sequence of
universal movement, that ones might change their stations and progress and move ever
onward in the journey back into Creator. Just as we know no time nor space, we are,
however, connected inseparably from you of manifested format and thus we must
count “time” as do you. This old sun has now existed for over fifteen hundred billions
of years. It will exist its allotted time and then it will explode as a star explodes — but
again, the end is only the beginning, for it has served us well and we all march onward.
Humanity and we within this System will march on to other portions of the Father’s

realms for they are infinite.

   *** Fifteen hundred billions years old is our Golden Sun. Although speaking from the eternal realms of no time
           and no space, Archangel of Michael instructs us about our inseparable connection in God, no matter if in a
           physical body or not. There is a continuous PROGRESSION of all beings and all celestial bodies into ever 
           higher realms of existence, in the 
eternal cycles of life, towards the Father.


This orb, however, shall not end until the Millennium is well passed, when once again

the forces of darkness are released. 

   *** The Millennium is well past, and we humans have indeed lived, in horror, the release of the forces of darkness.

Then shall the end come and this System disintegrateth in thought. 
All celestial bodies, whether star or world, are only the forms in which our Father Creator 
forms His Words. They are His Words that were spoken in the beginning that there should 
be Light and there should be substance. They are but His Words, and some shall

disintegrate in thought — that which was only thought in the beginning.

   *** Surely in Time, there must come the End. The dark forces have shamelessly manipulated the cycles of Time. 
          They managed to stop many great actions through assassinations and huge destructions. This was costing the
           earth population much pain and suffering and loss of life. It came to long delays and confusion in the Time-lines.
           Violence, war and death were on the agenda of the dark forces, pursuing their plans to subjugate the planet.
           Horrific wars had to take place. Galactic wars and planetary wars. In the depths of Mother Gaia, on the surface, 
           in space. In the hearts and minds of people, in our consciousness. It was Christ Michael Aton, His Fleets and 
           the Legions of Angels of AAoM who never left the front.

           As for now, in the second month of our Earth year 2016, our hearts have finally started to nurture hope.
            We all feel now that Victory is here, and that we live in the very last hour of this hard and long battle. We all 
            prepare now to accomplish Ascension, with multitudes of people still joining the Light, our eyes being finally
            open due to the inhumane suffering we had to go through.

            Christ Micael has masterfully restored the Time-lines. The complex, amazing work of alternating STASIS stages,
            came to life out of Love and protection for this beautiful, delicate Jewel-planet of Gaia. Her Creators, Christ Michael

            and Mother Nebadonia, closely directed by the First Source and Center’s Divine Love, exerted Stasis first in the
            interior of Gaia, then in the exterior, involving massive work in perfect unison of truly massive numbers of God’s
            Hosts. An Unprecedented Cosmic Wonder, gloriously accomplished.


​            And then, according to AAoM, 
there will come a time when Sol, the Central Star of our Solar System will end its
​            allotted life-span and disintegrate back into the Thought of God.

            When the stars and worlds born alone in the THOUGHT of the Father Creator will return to Him, the Source of
            their own existence.
            Their Purpose in the Universe fulfilled, new worlds will be emerging in the Infinite Mind of God.

Some day, in thy contemplatable future, you shall look upon a great purple plain
ahead, a golden light that draws you to it by its heat and warmth. Imagine what awaits
those of Earth who have proved themselves to be His children — for the soul is endless,
dear friends. They shall not want for Truth. For lo, these many centuries our Father has
heard the words of the sincere call from Earth — the petition is now to gain response in
its glorious fullness.

   *** The highest Realm of Existence, where the First Trinity established Its seat, is known as the Isle of Paradise.
           From that very Center of Creation, there are seven Superuniverses expanding in the vastness of Cosmos. The 
           colours manifesting in these vibrant Universes are said to be of an indescribable beauty.
           Maybe Archangel of Michael sees us humans at a point in future, contemplating the Isle of Paradise. A
           Golden Light drawing us to it might well be the Presence of the Father Himself, radiating His Love onto us.
           For he invites us to imagine the wondrous gifts awaiting us, humans of earth, who proved ourselves to be
           Father’s Children.

           The pure Truth of God will reign supreme. That will be the greatest, unprecedented Victory, of a prison planet and    
           her enslaved children against the dark monstrous hordes that wished them all destroyed. An unprecedented 
           reward of Divine proportions to the children of God and their planet, for enduring all these aeons alone by the
           power of their 
It shall be on Earth as it is in heaven

   *** Isn’t that WONDERFUL?

Man shall no longer want for anything. He shall shortly take his place within 
the God places as a son of God, for thy inheritance has been held in Truth for 
your acceptance. 

Ye will behold that which is beyond thy imaginings in thy present state.

   *** Yes, there will be a heavenly state of being! The very, very special children of God are known as the Sons of God.
          These are those mighty Creator Sons, able to take under their Sovereignity the newly created Universes. We are told
          that the magnificence of these gifts is not even possible to be imagined now.

Even as you go about your mundane activities of the day, search those deep places of
your heartplace. Realize that this is the time we have been awaiting. The Great Master
Teacher will close of the circle and again come forth upon this place of Earth. We all
await with great joy for you to come into your knowledge as the Truth goes forth upon

the lands.

    *** Out of the depths of his heart, Archangel of Michael is urging us to come in silence into the secret chamber of our 
​           hearts, to reconnect with Father and thus remember again who we are. He confirms that the Time has arrived.
           The Great Master Teacher is Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, who will come back on Earth to keep His promise.
           AAoM’s Joy is overwhelming, in anticipation of those times of NOW.


Above all The Creation IS — the Omniverse — the whole of The Creation is above ALL.
What is behind the plan now unfolding upon the Earth? There IS a greater plan
beyond, even beyond the migration from this Solar System, as we gave you before,
and the answer to that is that we are being called from out of the depths of night in
space to serve those who cry out unto us.

   *** So grateful there IS a Greater Plan, and it belongs to Father, who loves us!
What is the purpose of the schoolroom of Earth? What means all the tears, sorrow,
death, misery, and anguish? You must develop and learn, yes, but what of the greater
plan? Would it only be that the world would become a dust of ashes from an atomic
holocaust? Nay. The lesson to be learned is that Spirit (soul) may come to know itself,
that man might be freed from the blight of the great lie of evil and grow into his

    *** Finally, finally! There we have it! The Prince of Archangels, in his greatest Love for us humans, brings to our ears the
           news of the existence of a Divine Plan! To us the decimated ones, the killed ones, the bombed and maimed and daily
           murdered ones; to us the slaves, kept in chains and in shackles, for such long time, that our hopes all vanished!

​           “Let there be Light!” said He. And His Plan comes to save us from the ocean of lies. To know the TRUTH again.

The Earth is a school for wondrous fragments of the Father. 

 *** What higher, or greater comfort to our souls, than to know we are His?

It is so written that the
 harvest is great but the laborers few. Well, in relative comparison
the harvest is great
 according to the laborers, but from the total of Earth’s population,
the Harvest is small
 indeed. It has taken years — millions and millions of years —
since man has been upon
 Earth to bring about this one small concentrated drop of life
to evolve in the crucible
of time.

     *** Unprecedented celebration will that be, for those who took part in all these endless aeons in Father’s Divine Plan!



Here is where Dharma will cringe, for what I will say represents blasphemy to the
multitudes who have been victims of the great lie.

     *** A whole planet… We all. 
The Earth is a classroom for GODHOOD — to raise the God fragments in stature to

again be one with that Source.

      *** A real university among the worlds of learning – What a wonder!

The Earth is the finely tuned instrument for the lessons —

not Mars, nor Venus, nor Jupiter, nor magnificent Saturn, nor spiritual Neptune, Pluto

nor Mercury — not even the wondrous Sun or its many bodies. 

      *** That our planet is a finely tuned instrument for the lessons; what a great news!
The lotus rises from the 
slime of Earth. And now, brothers, there is a single bloom, so to
​speak, opening from 
the muck and shortly HE will reach forth and pluck it to take it home again. 

       *** There is no sweeter language, or sweeter words. In ecstasy we bathe in Father’s Love.


Therefore, you and your fellow-men are being conditioned for a great transmutation —
all who will come into the light. Then we can march on to other worlds and universes

that cry out for help. 

   *** The Divine Plan for Salvation, in its immeasurable Love, would have it to not let any of us behind. We were
          gifted over the ages with many Messengers of the Father, who brought us Light and taught us Truth. Yet, the
           Universal Law of Free Will has to be respected by all, and so, not all inhabitants of Earth were willing to absorb
           the Light in the same measure.
           Many have tragically fallen victim to the Lucifer rebellion. Many others were literally enslaved by the DNA
            manipulations and the mind-control technology of the dark. Through the falsifying of the Time cycles we were
            considerably delayed in our development as a collective consciousness.
           This is why the harvest is a small one, but the Celestials are cheering about its impressive quality.

           The transmutation preparation is a process we are going through right now. Like any healing process, it had to
            start with a cleansing. As a unique situation, and because our Mother Earth’s especial wish, there will be a 
            double Ascension, of Gaia herself PLUS all her Lighted inhabiting humans.
            Herein lies indeed the Wonder of this very Ascension.
            Because of the dramatic call of the Mother, it first came the Loving answer of the Father, by decreeing His Plan.
            A call for help was sent into all of Creation, and Christ Michael & Nebadonia received indeed myriad of 
            wonderful helpers from all levels of Light.

            Ugliness was reigning supreme over Gaia. Which was never of God. It was the reign of the dark forces, abusing much
            too long the Godly 
gift of Free Will. They were even starting to believe in their right to usurp and to own worlds NOT of
            their own 
Creation. Or that they had a right to destroy all these wonders and beauties of the Creator Father, having 
            never to pay for these horrible deeds.

           In order to not infest other universes with this monstrous plague, the planet had to be isolated, put into

            quarantine. So our Gaia was explained as being a prison planet.
            This is how it came, that the Creators of Gaia received great assistance from all over Creation. This is how it came, that
            not only Gaia, but all the Universe all around had to be cleansed of the parasite monsters and purified and washed.
            This is how it came, that in an unprecedented way, the First Source and Center mightily stepped into action,
            coordinating really massive moves Christ Michael was carrying out.

​            We live now in the phase of transition from the 3rd into the 5th Dimension. This process is just as intensive and just as
            complex for man and for planet. There is a great WAVE from the Heart of God, of illuminating, transforming High
            Energy, helping Gaia and us, humans, to gain the frequency we need to stand the intensity of Light we will reach
​            through Ascension.

            Archangel of Michael lovingly lets us understand that this transmutation is pretty much completed. This is what he
            so exuberantly calls the moment of Commencement, which those in Heaven await just as we do down here. Once the
            Quantum Leap into the Cosmic Liberty done, our Prince of Archangels will march with his companions further to other
​            worlds that called for assistance. 

You who think you cease your work by graduation ceremonies
must think again — your work will only have begun. You are now being prepared for
other atmospheres and other dimensional formats — some are now making those
transitions regularly. You will now be entering the dimension of total understanding.
Accept that which the Father has for you. You will be leaving behind the density of
travails of the old third dimension.

       *** It is a fact that many of us feel indeed very tired. The waiting time should have been used very wisely, as precious
               lesson. Fact is, we received many messages that sounded promising, like all works are done and the changes were 
               here. Of course, in the linear Time we took messages differently than they were meant from the eternity. So, many
               of us grew sad and disappointed. That was another hard lesson we had to learn.

               Yet, given the complexity of the situation and the disruption of the Time lines by the hand of the dark, there was need
​               for enormous counseling and delays in the plan. Often, a careful assessing of the state of the war was offering new
               vistas for action and for gloriously better solutions.
               We always kept our deep trust in Christ Michael, that if He does something, He does it PERFECTLY. And that He is 
               indeed the only one to know the RIGHT MOMENT.

               We take it that there will shortly be Graduation Ceremonies. All our tiredness will be by then forgotten. The baptism
               of Light and the reunification with our spiritual families will reenergize us and revitalize us to start work anew. 
               We see streams of tears over tears of Joy, once we will get to open the Divine gifts our Father has for us. For entering
​               the dimension of total understanding will certainly fulfill what we were dreaming for ages. And we will celebrate the
​               stepping into a luminous era.

The physical, as it is developed, is only to serve for a brief time but within is the
greatest period of learning.

         *** How brief our life can appear, seen from Eternity, when here down it seems so long a time!

It appears that ye are but tiny sparks, ah, but you are most wondrous. For, as a tiny
candle flame, we shall burst forth into an area that has never before known light
such as this and we shall bring light, even as the workers brought to ancient Egypt,
the light — the one light of Aton, through Akhnaton (yes, chela, ye shall again prevail).

         *** Thank you, Archangel of Michael, for reminding us how we are. No, we do not see it yet, that our Light,
                but we do believe you. For you speak Truth.
                The Ancient Hermes/Thoth Energy brought to Egypt, and the devotion of Akhnaton for the One Light of Aton –
                the activation of it will indeed be a wonder — a wonder to behold!

The people had never seen it before. Some it blinded, for it was too bright. They did
not, just as today, understand, because of its blinding light. It was a thing to be feared
and shunned and many fell again into the comfort of the hiding places of darkness.
Man claims to fear the darkness! No, this is not true — man is afraid of light. Light
brings forth all his self-inflicted wounds for viewing and he prefers to hide that he
might not be noticed for his deeds. No, it takes courage to go forth into the light. Just
as you look upon thy physical self and would make of the changes — how do you know
you are not the perfection of God? Ye choose to set thy standards by fools in physical
cloth. So be it.

       *** Yes, it does take courage to go forth into the Light! To look into our hidden places and acknowledge them. To go
              ahead and release them, and lighten us. Working with Self beyond the current world density will make that task
              easier. The awareness of the perfection of God will abundantly brighten our days.
Ye ones of this group have walked long and hard through the march of time — together.
We shall again endure — oh yes, we shall.
Go, Dharma, and take rest for it has been a long day of work and stress.
I shield you with the blue light of peace that you ones shall come into the calm sea and
renew, for the path is yet long and dreary some. 








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