We Have A Planet To Save


We Have A Planet To Save

January 28, 2023, 11:11 pm


And if you see the whole world goes down,

and if you see your brothers lost in pain…

Do not give up. In those most hard of moments

stay strong, and fight for children not be slain!


If you see lies and violence and riots,

carried against good families and kids;

Stay strong, and roar and smash them like a Lion!

Bend not your knee to monsters evil deeds!


One Life we have. And this is our Planet.

Given to us by God, in care and trust.

Stay strong! In all the world there is no reason,

allow the monsters, wondrous Planet blast!


Don’t tell me, you are weak and have no power!

I will not take it, for you are of Him!

Yours is His Stance, His Courage and His Power.

His Mighty Light fills you, up to your brim!


We came to save this Planet from destruction.

This is our Sacred Aim, here down to Be.

Stay strong! Like Lions slash Light Swords in Power,

till wondrous Man and Planet, all be FREE!




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