Which Is The Way?


Which Is The Way?

December 4, 2022, 14:44


Which is the way to impose Divine Power,

on this savage, sick madness of man?


Which is the way to restore sense, the common,

in these hordes, from which madness all stem?


Oh, you 24 Masters of Heavens, the Highest,

incarnated on this Sacred World,


Call onto FATHER Allmighty, most Loving,

empower us slash the Light Sword!


Merlin, blow His Violet Flames, strongest Fires,

transmutate all destruction to Light,


And give us the force, and the courage and boldness,

Last Battle Victorious to fight!


Genociding are they sacred Kin of the Father,

steal His wondrous Planet for them,


Morph God’s humans to Borg dead mechanics,

not from Father Divine ever stem!


See, the way to restore Truth and Justice

to God’s Kin and this wonderful orb,


Is to call uncreate all the raptors,

and God’s Hand strike the Freedom Great Chord!



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