No-Time Interval


No-Time Interval

November 30, 2022, 17:17


It’s the One only Moment:

The Time is no more.

It’s when all Hearts stop beating,

and Earth’s very core…


It’s when all Minds stop thinking.

In a Stasis we sleep.

We are deaf, we are blind,

and we can’t feel a beep!


Children, He sent to save

from destruction, this world,

in their fine, Godly substance,

have to master their Sword!


In this Moment, the dangers

grow exceedingly strong,

as the rage of the captors

furiously hits all bond!


Keep your UNITY, brothers!

Here alone is the Force!

Stay together, to strengthen

Victory, on its course!


For the Moment of Morphing

into Beings of Light,

hits at once, unexpected,

sharply ends of all Fight!


Put an end to all weeping!

Time is forever gone!

In that Moment-Interval,

a New World to Life come!


Watch your enemy actions.

Those who kept you in chains,

genocide all mankind,

strangulate all your brains!


It is you, He entrusted

save Mankind of dark!

Do, remind the Power

in each Heart Godly Spark!


Be alert in this Moment,

Point of No Return

we have reached. Stay awaken,

in your Heart, fire let burn…


For He Gave Freedom Signal,

Interval of No-Time.

Precipice of Ascension,

The Salvation Last Sign.




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