Bring Back Joy in Your Hearts


Bring Back Joy In Your Hearts

June 4th, 2022, 14:44


Our life is too short,

and we waste it with pain,

and with sorrows and worries and tears,


And forget we grow old,

heavy burdens when carry,

and all hatred and anger and fears…


We are not born to cry!

This is not Father’s Way!

His Life Concept is Joy, Joy and Love!


Love alone is Creation!

Happiness, Joy and Wonder!

That’s Creation! All the way from above!


It’s the monsters attacking,

gruesome killing all living,

and destroy vibrant all Works of Him,


That brought death, lack and sorrow,

worries, suffering, despair,

and the concept of pain to God’s Kin!


Bring back Joy in your Hearts,

let Joy Avalanche fall,

flood in Joy all the worlds in Creation!!!…


Fill your Hearts to the brim,

with the Joy most supreme,

this Day Wondrous of Man Liberation!!!…


The door of Liquid Love has been opened

Cosmic Consciousness And Solar Strangeness - New Golden Age

New Golden Age



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