You Need reach The greatness


You Need Reach the Greatness

June 1st, 2022, 21:21


You need reach the Greatness to take it.

Don’t sleep again! Stay strong! Stay awake!

A World you saved! The Fullness of Cosmos!

Creation Divine was at stake!


The Marvel you learned, was the Oneness is Power.

Discovered your brothers, who are One with you!

Discovered the methods, ‘divide and then conquer’,

kept heroes a unit, invincible crew!


You gave all you have, and you gave even more.

You knew there is now, or is never!

But once in Creation a Cosmos unites,

for ever the dark yoke to sever!


Stay strong till the end! Reach the Greatness of you!

Step up, in full force serve momentum!

Keep graceful, but wake, for the Victory’s yours!

Propel now all Worlds into Quantum!




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