Dead is the Darkest Era

. Dead Is The Darkest Era . And so, the Darkest Era closed today. Akashik Halls of Records shut all closed. Amazing Grace and Mercy, Love Divine in sadness closed the door to one Son lost. . In vain were given Times and Times and Epochs. Rebelling Son refused all brothers Love. Refused his Father’s […]

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From today on

. From Today On February 8, 2021, 12:00 . From today on, man walks on Holy Ground. Transmuted into crystalline all stones! Transfigured into sparkling Light all bodies! Transformed to Life all DNA in bones! . Starting today, the Earth is Holy soil. The Holy Son of God is born again. God’s Miracle of Life […]

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What is this for a Day?

. What Is This For A Day? February 7, 2021, 17:17 . What is this for a day, brand new and lighted? Where are we now, in our Cosmic Fight? Where our Ride of Eons brought mankind? How close to Cosmic Universal Light? . You’d better open heart to Truth Immortal, to His Love Infinite […]

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You taught me Music

. You Taught Me Music February 7, 2021, 15:07 . You taught me Music, Your Will to discover. Your Music is Your Power Mighty Dance. I’ll pirouette a whirl, Divine proportions, to shatter children Yours from deadly trance! . Your Music is a hurricane in action. I’ll Dance it, with my Ankh in rightful hand! […]

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Times amazing

. Times amazing February 2, 2021, 22:22 . Times amazing are coming from Future. Rest assured, Dark Eon is done! On that cliff you still hang with just one hand, not accepting, your good times are gone! . For the good times were good just for slavers! You ignored God created us Free! You ignored […]

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All of a sudden

. All Of A Sudden February 1, 2021, 21:21 . All of a sudden you’ll remember laughing! High up you’ll hold your head in stunning awe. The children all you’ll see, in happy dancing, while Gaia laughing, New Begin will draw… . That sudden moment you’ll be child again. In tears you’ll remember eons past. […]

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