The Magnificence of His Work


The Magnificence of His Work


The magnificence of his work.

When will we grasp it?

Like worms we mumble 

under mind control.


In brumbles stumble,

fighting with each other,

God’s power wasting,

dizzy, numb we stroll.


He has the vision 

and he has the method.

Like idiots we jump

on him and blame!


Our stupidity 

he gentle handles,

in our deep hypnosis

no one claim.


He fights for us,

carries us on his shoulders.

With patience feeds us Truth

to help us wake!


We stumble like blind worms

among the brumbles,

attacking day and night,

blind to all fake.


In Truth, it is

a Universal era.

Magnificent, his work,

per God’s Decree!


How long still sleep?

How long let him us carry?

When God Himself decreed

us to be Free?


Bild könnte enthalten: eine oder mehrere Personen und Personen, die stehen



The Visitor | von Luis-Gaspar





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