Universal Father 42


Universal Father 42

May 16, 2019


Universal Father Message, November 29, 2014

Effects are more 
than discerned.

The deductions in S’s missive 
are totally correct 
within the tenets of Urantia Book information. 
to review some points about 
Solitary Messengers and 
Inspired Trinity Spirits 
as related to pattern resetting.
There are no more Great Battles. 
There are no more Battles. 

There is still evil intent. 
There are still dark plans. 
Work on human Higher Self patterns 
and on voiding 
robotoid minds 
which then become dysfunctioning shells, 
Tap resources of Fleet. 
M is correct in this. 
My Dears, you are so close!
Send this now.

Universal Father

“Burn the brains with Violet Flame”

Saint Germain!

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