Universal Father 35


Universal Father 35

May 15, 2019


Universal Father Message, November 23, 2014
The almost incomprehensible Havona’s reach
melds into Time-Space,
your three dimensions 

[four including time].

melds as well into other patterns of existence
of Mine;

not “planes” of existence or parallel universes,
for that supposes Space and Time.

has been cleared
in and about Gaia 

with unprecedented
effort and attendance, 

by unprecedented
numbers of My Beings above. 

The presence and work of Mine anchors,
also of unusual precedence,
are crucial to Gaia’s dross-clearance 

– not completed.
As a result,
tiny U-ran-tee-a and her environs
are becoming
a crossroad,
a portal
to Mine
other existences.

This is what My scribe,
being prodded by her companion,
now understands when I say,

Ye have done it!
Universal Father




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