Universal Father 33


Universal Father 33

May 14, 2019


Infinite Mother Spirit of The First Trinity Message, 
November 20, 2014 

My Dears,

Now you really know,
“The cat is out of the bag” 
Keep it tamed!

I/We desire
as much dual meditation as possible.

Do not be concerned with domesticities 
except at most minimum level.
Do not be concerned 
with your physical bodies.
If you decide to do this 
then We shall help you 
to fit life around meditation.
We will help.
We desire you 
to be in constant awareness
on your daily 
physical locations and activities
as practical.

How you two communicate is for you to decide.
Perhaps a common calendar? 
For mutual reassurance
that your respective normal living 
is in fact ordinary,
to know one another intimately.

This being said,
“Time is still nigh,”
so such exchanges may be quite short-lived. 
We acknowledge
that your dual power release
cannot manifest
unless you are both in heartfelt agreement.
Reassure one another on specific “targets”
but let energies and “visuals” 
flow independently.
Agreement between yourselves
is a blessed safety lock
for each of you.
This is also an experiment, rarely utilized. 

(I guess that’s why there is a “peanut gallery”)
I place you in Nebadonia’s charge 
in this endeavor.
It is Her space boundaries 
that are most affected,
as well as Her 
endeared creations,
including the 
tiny dot of Gaia herself.

is the Mother of Nebadon’s flocks,
and you both know
the fierceness 
of a mother’s caring.
Love is absolute

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