Universal Father 31


Universal Father 31

May 14, 2019


Universal Father Message, November 19, 2014

Well My Dears, 
“The cat is out of the bag” 
as it were. 

Your dual presence 
is strongly known 
and mostly accepted. 

Stay with My Agondonters, each and every one.  

Your golden straw 
makes a pretty good balance beam. 

My scribe, your S, 
thinks these words are too common 
to be coming from Me. 
Dawn arrives 
with breaking skies 
after My time of darkness. 
The weak of spirit 
tremble and weep.


We are here.
We are all here for you.
Fret not.
Victory is yours.
Victory is ours, 
sweet ones 
who would appropriately dare to invoke the name.

Look to the skies. 
Business as usual.
Business as usual. 
soon to be left behind.

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