Universal Father 29


Universal Father 29

May 13, 2019


Universal Father Message, November 16, 2014

In space
drones hover
movements of peoples,
for advantageous moments.

how birds fall silent
in continued bewilderment
at the increase 
of nature’s 
vibrationally severed
ley lines. 


the silence of bear 
and other mammals
shadow – 
cloaking themselves for safety. 


with mindal activity
the choking
mechanized webs
that are made manifest 
by cabals,

of electric fields,
both scalar 
and magnetic.


that they are vulnerable
for want of missing 
Spirit components.


the oncoming, 
necessary throes
of Southern Europe.

Use that big stick.
Harlan Thomas on May 11, 2019,  NorthWest of Calgary, Alberta, Canada



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