Universal Father 15


Universal Father 15

May 8, 2019


Universal Father Message, September 3, 2014

Right, might, bright is the hour
when all things manifest
to those of many creatures who abound here, 
often to make joyful noise
unto many co-creators of Nebadon,

wherein all those who persist in the making of sounds 
over there by Earth and her dominions, 
as raises mortal beings, 
lead friends anon.

Down are those who persist in crafty air/activity arts,
high and low, 
to be rooted out.

Infinite Spirit, nurture. 

Universal Father, 

Eternal Son, 
agreement to stand fast. 

Trinity-embraced means
active attributes of all three,
and therefore 
7 aspects of Trinity 
in various forms 
throughout their far flung activities. 

awareness of each of these 7.

Govern momentum of feelings, 
interaction interplay of momentums.




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