Universal Father Message


Universal Father Message

June 1, 2015


Gaia          Explanation            
It does occasionally happen, 
that when human inhabitants of a world 
wreak such havoc and destruction 
of the planet’s natural resources, 
causing climatic and geologic catastrophes —
and most become bereft of soul-spirit, 
that the more sensible recourse is 
to salvage what life is possible 
for relocation to other appropriate worlds; 
and then to destroy the irreparable planet.
Such had become Earth’s status, 
but the sentient being Gaia 
that her planet not be taken out of creation, 
that she be permitted 
to recover her entire world 
and all precious life and seeds of life she holds so dear. 
Other Nebadonian and galactic beings, 
the Hosts, 
were of like mind, 
one reason being that Earth/Urantia
is the world of Christ Michael’s 7thBestowal.
The difficult part here is 
that humankind born on the planet 
has to be the determining factor 
in intent 
for fixing and allowing the planet 
back into higher harmonies, 
enough that Gaia can join 
the impending rise in Spirit evolution, 
now imminent for this region of space. 
Cooperation, desire and willingness in God’s Name 
is mandatory, 
between anchoring humankind 
and galactic personalities. 
That is why 
so many unusually advanced souls 
chose to be born on Earth 
during this dispensation.
There is yet something additional, 
of a most precious order, 
something of Divine Nature in the heart of Gaia, 
that only First Source 
and Nebadon’s Creators know. 
Gaia’s Earth and her environs 
connect galactic and intergalactic crossroads 
that represent 
a warmly embraced 
newborn residency of Universal Father’s Presence;
in spite of this tiny dot Gaia 
being located 
at the edge of the Local Universe of Nebadon,
located at the edge of the Superuniverse of Orvonton,
she is gifted with circuits 
reaching directly to Universal Father’s 
Isle of Paradise of the Grand Universe.
So special is this Gaia, this tiny dot!
Her human inhabitants 
are ordained to GODHOOD 
in new, uncharted space, as earned and merited.
The Spirit of Truth mightily covers her 
in the highest vibrant Violet Radiance 
and the splendor 
of Golden New Freedoms Ray;
Since that magnificent 
7th Bestowal of Christ Michael Aton
of the Spirit of Truth,
through the unprecedented Victory
over the eons-long dark hordes enslaving Urantia,
A Divine healing and straightening 
of the offense directed at Father 
was enacted by Aton
advancing Gaia 
in the cheers of all Creation
to the unique, beautiful Symbol 
of Cosmic Liberty.




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