It is yet Justice!


It Is Yet Justice!

March 31, 2019, 11:11



It is yet Justice.

The Gordian Knot is Justice.

The unprecedented, Cosmic Destruction,

of the Civilization of the Lion-Men,

cannot be left unanswered.

This is the Gordian Knot.

This is the betrayal, by the dark,

of the Laws of Creation!

An unprecedented betrayal.

A disruption of Universal Law.

This unprecedented Destruction of the Race of the Lion-Men

is a direct offense to God the Creator!

We all ought to our Divine One Creator


It is not that we are judgemental. We are not.

We, the humans on Gaia, in this Local Universe Nebadon,

where team dark concentrated its works so monstrous,

have forgiven them.

Our Sovereign Creator of Nebadon, Christ Michael Aton,

descended here 2000 years ago.

He contained into His Being all dark and all darkness.

In this Act alone, He rendered them healed.

A Supreme Act of Unconditional Love.


But the offense against the Divine Laws is cosmic!

Cosmic Justice only can restore Balance onto the scales.

The humans on Earth and all Nebadon have been liberated

from this Prison Planet and dark enslavement

by our Creator, in fullness,

and have the dark forgiven,

But the offense magnitude goes over our heads.

Goes beyond our Local Universe.

There are effects going far in the Seven Superuniverses of Creation.

That’s why, the High Courts of Orvonton need taking over the Judgement.

Superuniverse Orvonton is where our Local Universe Nebadon is located.

This is how Divine Justice is served.

Again, we, all of us, ought this to the Divine Creator.

Is not HIS Universal Divine Law of Love,

is not HIS Eternal Perfect Cosmic Order,

that have been disrupted? 


Just watch what perfect mirroring you have right now on Earth:

Does not your Trumpeter let now your monstrous usurpers

be judged by the – higher – Military Tribunals?

Does not your Trumpeter call you from all might of his lungs,

not to ever let this horrible injustice happen to another President?


Just as the Sovereign Creator of Nebadon does not do the Judgement Himself,

the same way the President of America judges not the Nation’s Treason,

but leaves the Justice in the hands of the Military Tribunals Judges.

So those found guilty of crimes against Humanity

have to be transported to Orvonton High Courts.

Christ Michael & Universal Councils need accomplish this task,

also because they perfectly know all souls contracts.

The Sasquatch Elder Council needs be included to the Councils.

Galactic & Universal Fleets will skillfully manage the transport.

All dark creations / mechanized men, hostile to humanity and not aligned

with the Cosmic Order, should also leave the planet

and be carried each to their rightful place.

This is an absolute global action, since starting with Vatican, City of London

and Wa DC, all governments/leaders, hidden bunkers, underground bases

are deeply infested with hostile, disruptive non-humans.

Operation “Cosmic Order” would be a good name for it.

Christ Michael & all Universal Fleet must be here down on earth to do it.

Action must be quick & precise.

No questions. These will belong in the Courts.

And No fear of possible riots – since the Hydra head sharply cut.

Martial Law state will help.

This Purification is the LoveFire Wave from the Heart of God.


Only after this total Purification of the inhabitants of Earth

can we all start restore the Truth and Peace on the New Earth.

It is now that the Covenant of the Bow in the Sky is enacted.

This is a Covenant between God and HIS 7 Rainbow Warriors,

The Magnificent 7.

These are the Eons, the 7 Great Archangels of God.

This Bow in the Sky will be a beautifully sounding, in magnificent colours Illumination Rain, that will touch each and every one of us, restoring our hearts back to the Divine Love we are.

From here, all humans will be restored to sanity, and rejuvenated in the Crystalline Healing Chambers.

From here, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil for our food will be

thoroughly cleansed, as well as our forests and oceans.

The technology from our brothers & sisters in the Universe will help man & planet regain our sanity, a perfect health, abundance in all ways, Love, Happiness & Joy.

From here, our circuits to God & all Portals towards Universe will be open, for us to travel freely and rejoice as members of a Free Sacred Creation, just as Father forever meant us all be.















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