I Hold God’s Hands


I Hold God’s Hands

March 26, 2019, 11:11, Gaia Time


On behalf

of the Liberated

Children of God

in Gaia 

and all Nebadon:

We, together as One


the Fire of LOVE

from the Heart of God

to release

the Avalanche of TRUTH,




into the Central Sun of our Galaxy,

into the Central Sun of our Solar System,

into the Central Sun of our Gaia!



The Divine Flash

of Cosmic Liberation





This is The Fulfillment of Our All Mission in God.

Of all of us Hosts of God from above and below, in ONENESS,

in our Christ of God & His Glorious 7th Bestowal,

in Fullness.

All butterflies

and all beautiful birds of Mother Nebadonia,

the Infinite Mother Spirit Creator of the Nebadon Universe,

mightily carry on all their sweet wings

the JOY across the worlds!

The Archangel of Michael, prince of Archangels,

at One with the Magnificent Seven, Eons Archangels of God,

The Rainbow Masters,

have called all the Legions of Angels

to spread in All Creation, on their mighty wings,

this Unprecedented

JOY of Liberation!


By the Will of God,

It Is Done.






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