Gaia Portal, March 8, 2019


Gaia Portal Message

March 8, 2019



Castigations of the Light Bringers enables Higher Vibrational portals of Light to open.

The Higher Vibrational Portals of Light open around the Emerald ÉirePortal of Ireland, an isle of Ancient Atlantis. This monumental opening of the Portals happens when a mighty flash of Light ignites the Central Sun of our Milky Way Galaxy. That very Moment of Light is The Event we are all waiting for. In that very Moment, Gaia & We, Humanity, accomplish our Ascension, through the Grand Portals, into the Higher Dimensions.

The Light Bringers are those heroic Beings of Light from above and below, working for eons under the guidance of Christ, in direct accord with the Almighty Father, in perfect ONENESS. This way was only possible the purification, the castigation of the dark invaders, and our Liberation.

Divisions are exposed, and healed.

Our Unity of Consciousness is the only state for us, as healed, to Ascend.

Lepteroptics are employed for Far Seeing.

Probably meant both physical and spiritual, for us to regain Vision.

Complicits for the dark shadows fall away.

Yes, purification is total.

The New Day comes.

What a marvelous statement!

The Event, we all cheer, on this Spring Equinox, enacts the New Light Era!


ÉirePort | March 8, 2019 at 9:09 am

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