To all the Universal Dancers

  To All the Universal Dancers   To all the Universal Dancers: The Dia-phragm it is the most important. Just like the colour Green in the Rainbow. Keeps everything in Balance. The Above with Below. The scales to the Right, the scales to the Left.   The Whole of Creation is Perfect. The Symmetry is […]

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Palpable Messages

  Palpable Messages   Messages from 3 Galactic Commands: Andromeda Command, Ashtar Command and Lyran Command Wednesday, January 23, 2019   Thor:  TERRAN. WE ARE IN ‘POSITION’. FOR “FINAL APPROACH” YOU MIGHT SAY. IN HUMOUR. THOR. Thor:  IN HUMOUR. AND HUMILITY. AS PREVIOUS “ATTEMPTS” HAVE NOT BORE “FRUIT”. THOR. Terran: Wonderful! Our hearts are open […]

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Would You but know, my Father

  Would You but know, my Father   Would You but know, my sweet and loving Father what a delight these flakes of snow they are, how each and every crystal of its own a message brings to our hearts, from far…   Like tiny butterflies they fall so gently, each, mighty messengers of Love […]

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Post of October 28, 2014

  ​October 28, 2014 URGENT! W​e need send this out!C: “There will likely be an assassination attempt (on Putin). Hopefully it will not be successful… and to do it would cause our thugs a lot of problems if they succeed because Russians and many others will stand up strongly against it and he will become […]

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Gaia Portal, January 23, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message January 23, 2019     Perturbations in the matrix are felt by all. The old matrix of imprisonment was dissolved. Planetary awakenings are near completion. Upgrading of consciousness reached critical mass. Fairy tales are abandoned. Lies are gone. Dark forests are cleared. Castles, bases, laboratories, where dark did their horrible work. […]

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