Heavenletter 6560: Stand Up!


Heavenletter 6560:

Stand Up

January 11, 2019


God said:

Beloved, there are times when you have to represent yourself, even pull yourself up by your bootstraps. When you have to, you have to. The world isn’t always fair. Unless the world speaks up on your behalf, stand up. When something has to be said, it may be you who has to say it.

The world, as it reveals itself, may not always be looking out after you. You would love to be Cinderella and have your fairy Godmother ready with a carriage for you to step into. You would also like to have a prince who is looking for the tiny-sized foot that is yours to fit into the glass slipper just right.

No one wants you to become a wrestler, yet on the rare occasions when you have to stand up for yourself, stand up. Left to its own devices, the world doesn’t always play fair. You are not to be run over.

You do have a place in this world. You are not meant to take life lying down. It is not for you to be a scrapper. Nor are you to be intimidated. There are times when life demands that you be your own hero.

Yes, I am with you.

There are times when life performs a fairy tale rescue, yet not always. Better you speak up than to compress yourself into a shoe too small or, like the evil stepsisters, cut off your toes to fit the shoe.

Make sure you are fair to others and equally fair to yourself. You are also to set an example. Lying down in the middle of the road doesn’t set a good example.

How you wish that I, God, would intervene for you often and declare you the winner. You will get beyond this, whatever it is, and you will be up and running without a backward glance. Ever onward and upward, Beloved.

You will reach another shore and another.

You will make life smoother for every soul as well.

You will speak up, and you will be heard.

Love in your heart will triumph, and then you will have established Truth in My Name.

Help others cross the street. Hallow-ed be thy Name as Mine. Giving is easy. Give in My Name. Bless the world you live in, and you bless life for all.

Create love.

Lighten hearts.

Ease the path to Me for everyone.

Hasten all that which the world aches for.

Remove yokes.

Bless the rich and bless the poor.

Bless the loved and the seemingly unloved.

Bless God Who loves All.

Allow yourself to be God’s Beloved.

Abode as well for love.

Love now as if there were no tomorrow.

Life and love are Eternal.

Nevertheless, know the preciousness of life and love and make a habit of extolling them for all the world to see and attest to.


Something wonderful is happening, and you are part of the design.

Maintain love.

Disburse love.

Smile a lot.

Dive in the deep waters.

May love and life amaze you.

Leap high from the deep waters with the splash of a porpoise.

What an emblem a porpoise is as its heart dives deep and then leaps high.

Life is to be known and loved and to be danced to and applauded.

Love alone is sanctioned from on High.

This isn’t a small project you are part of.

It is a grand project, this unfoldment of the upliftment of the world you live in.

Hark the herald angels.






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