Gaia Portal, December 8, 2018

  Gaia Portal Message, December 8, 2018     Stereotypes of harmonics are cleared. Because new, fresh Harmonics are pulsed into life. Clarities are accepted by all hu-manity. For Truth – finally – wipes off all lies. Calcifieds are deconstructed and realigned. For the Era of Light to take hold, all those souls calcified in […]

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That Divine Joy

  That Divine Joy   It is in Joy Father created us. Look at your life: Isn’t that pure Joy? Isn’t every baby a wonder? A perfect Joy to life? Joy taking form? Love, Joy expressed? Divine Love, Joy in action?   Remember that Pure Divine Joy. Getting adult is not losing your Joy! You […]

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The Flame is Ignited

  The Flame Is Ignited December 5, 2018 11:22   The Flame  of LOVE & TRUTH & LIGHT have we ignited NOW in the center of Earth. In the Name of the Almighty Sacred Trinity of the Father & Mother & Eternal Son in the Highest of Highest, of His Sovereign Christ Creator of Gaia […]

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Gaia Portal, December 3, 2018

  Gaia Portal Message, December 3, 2018   2596 by ÉirePort   Especial levitations are in process. Special High Beings of Light, Galactics, Universals, Masters, Lady-Masters might be ascending & descending for this last phase of Mankind Liberation. Celebrants in shadows are silenced. Dark and darkness are forever dissolved from existing. Unveilings come strongly and […]

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Brandenburger Tor in Quantum Leap

  Brandenburger Tor In Quantum Leap December 2, 2018, Berlin, Germany   “A World United Is A Beautiful Thing” Q   12:50 – 2. Dez. 2018 @simplemindqsall 13:54 – 2. Dez. 2018, The Hague, Netherland @AndreVanDelft redfish@redfishstream . Belgrade, Serbia, December 29, 2018 . “French-German Aachen Treaty” for a militarized Europe, January 22, 2019 …Most […]

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Argentina, G20 Summit

  Buenos Aires, Argentina G20 Summit November 30 – December 2, 2018   © Mikhail Metzel/TASS .Kremlin Surprised by Abrupt Cancellation of Trump–Putin Meeting . ©  Reuters / Marcos Brindicci ©  Reuters / Kevin Lamarque  ©  Reuters / Marcos Brindicci  ©  Reuters / Marcos Brindicci . Theatro Colon, Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 1, 2018 Trade truce? Xi […]

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