Gaia Portal, August 29, 2018


Gaia Portal Message

August 29, 2018



Galactic Parentals take their leave.

A very clear statement. The Galactic Parentals are those Civilizations, like Andromedans, Arcturians and especially Pleiadians, who were contributing to seeding the Earth over the ages. They felt responsible for our development and were watching in Love over us, without intervening.

Since Gaia, along with all of her humans, prepares for their/our Ascension into a higher Dimension, the Galactics, in their millions of ships around Gaia, were assiduously helping Christ Michael, our Sovereign, in the huge works of cleansing, clearing, sorting out, healing, restoring, aligning, transforming, readying us all for the Transition. The statement clearly puts it, that the Galactics are done with their work, and can now go home.

Gaia Higher Dimensionals take the lead.

Our Ascension being, in the very first row, an unprecedented Quantum Leap in Christ Consciousness of planet and humans at once, the Higher Dimensionals take now the lead, guiding our Transition.

Ascending Spirals are recognized and followed.

The process of Ascensions manifests like a firework of ascending Light Spirals.

Marshalls complete their mission.

The Marshals are the hard working Guardians from above and below, who had the important mission to ensure the Cosmic Order in all this process.

The resolute statements suggest, that the Era of Darkness closes and the Era of Light begins.


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