Gaia Portal


Gaia Portal, December 3, 2017

Houses of paper are viewed for what they are.

Our earthly great Houses of great controllers are falling down.


Leaders of the Light battalions clarify the minds of all.

Legions of Angels of Archangel of Michael are, in this moment of NOW, actively and massively helping our Sovereign, the Christ of God complete the total Liberation of Gaia and all Children of God from dark and darkness for ever!

With them, Warrior Beings of Light are bringing the Spirit of Truth to us NOW.


Hope is restored for those perceiving darkness.

Hope and Light grow again in the hearts of the eons-long enslaved.


Colors of the Nova Rainbow are now viewed by The Planet of Gaia.

Nova Gaia is our New Planet of Higher Consciousness into which we all now transmute. That we can already see the colors of the Nova Rainbow is the most beautiful statement we all can hear!


ÉirePort | December 3, 2017 at 11:11

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