As Winter

  As Winter   As Winter has not yet decided to choose Spring, or go or to stay, those minuscule finches are playing and jumping and fly all the way!   It’s April, but winds are all friendly, yet fresh, and all buds are so green! All trees don now beautiful blossoms, like never a […]

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I Just Want My Sweet Father

I Just Want My Sweet Father   I just want my sweet Father to just hold me so tight, that I feel, oh, my safety, they took all, this one right!   Right to live, and to be, right to give, and to love, right to breathe a fresh air, not a chemic conclave.   […]

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Notre Dame En Feu!

  Notre Dame En Feu! April 15, 2019, Paris, France   . Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, November 2016 ©  Reuters/Charles Platiau . . . . . .. . @HenryMakow. April 15- Titanic sunk; Lincoln shot; Boston Marathon false flag 16 Apr 2019 . Notre-Dame in Flammen . © REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer . . . . . © […]

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While I cry on Your shoulder

  While I Cry On Your Shoulder April 14, 2019, 11:11 pm   And while I cry on Your shoulder my tears so bitterly flow… Yet, great is the change, in the daylight Sun shines now with radiant bow!   The pains and the worries are plenty. I look at my brothers and cry… The […]

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Message from Thor

Conversation with Thor April 13, 2019 . Terran: Talk to Thor? Denice: Ready when you are Terran: Hi Thor! Thor: TERRAN. BROTHER. AMIGO. GLORIOUS MOMENTS. NOW. THOR. Terran: Can you share the news? Thor: TERRAN. INDEED. FEEL THIS? THOR. Terran: I feel a quickening pulse and exhilaration… Thor: …AND A VISUAL. HEART TO HEART. THOR. Thor: TERRAN. YES. AND […]

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Gaia Portal, April 14, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message April 14, 2019     Status seekers are rebuked, as “Headliners of Light” assume control of the process. Flamboyants of the West are swatted from their perches. Inner Guidance prevails through the night moments. Vanquished is the dark. Grand designs are realized.   ÉirePort | April 14, 2019 at 9:09 am . […]

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Julian Assange arrest

  Julian Assange Arrest April 11, 2019, London, UK   . Julian Assange, London (Victoria Jones/PA Wire . . A vitally important book, Assange was holding while arrested: STILLNESS IN THE STORM . “USA belongs to a handful of men who also control the media. Look at General Electric. It produces nuclear weapons for the […]

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I Anchor Today

  I Anchor Today April 12, 2019, 11:11   I Anchor Today the ERA of TRUTH  and of LIGHT with the Power vested in me by my Father.   In the Name of The One Holy God, Creator and Father of Everything There IS, the Era of Truth and of Light is anchored Now in […]

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Rain On Sun

  Unexpected rain on Sun links two solar mysteries   Galactic Connection | April 10, 2019 . April 12, 2019, A huge active region…/schrö . . April 13, 2019, Galacticconnection . . .

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Blessed Is

  Blessed Is April 11, 2019, 0:11   Blessed Is this only Moment of Non Time. It is the Sacred Moment of Pure Love Divine. The Moment God stretched His Own Hands and lifted His Children from the depths of all darkness! Gone is all dark and Light restored in full.   YES. He has […]

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