Welcome on Earth!

  Welcome On Earth February 24, 2019, 11:11   We Welcome  NOW  Christ Michael, on the earth!   Welcome Be You,  Our Cherished One, Creator of Earth and Sovereign of all Nebadon Universe, down on our Tiny Dot Gaia, in Glory!   Blessed Be You for Liberating us in God’s Name!   ACCOMPLISHED.   February […]

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Our Wondrous Water Brothers

  Our Wondrous Water Brothers   REUTERS/John Gress . © Sputnik / Vitaly Ankov/ Russia: 100 Belugas to be liberated, March 4, 2019 . All orcas & belugas from Russian ‘whale prison’ will return to the wild – governor 8 Apr, 2019 11:11 Global Look Press / Wolfgang Jäkel . . i-uv.com . Getty Images) […]

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Infinite Space

  Infinite Space   . A new theory of Time indicates, present and future exist simultaneously January 8, 2019, Physics-AstronomyBlog . AFP/File / Joseph EID Radio astronomy of a segment of sky found 300,000 unknown distant galaxies HUGE NEUTRON STAR SENT BLASTS OF GRAVITATIONAL WAVES AND RADIATION TOWARDS EARTH Material was flung 130 million light years through space […]

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Gaia Portal, February 24, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message February 24, 2019     Cycles of Illumination elevate and complete. I see completion of God’s Plan for Salvation: Divine Liberation! Partnerships in Spirit form on a planetary scale. Gaia has Green Light through new open Portals to Universe. Elements of Light infuse the hu-being. Unprecedented embrace of Light from Oneness, […]

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February 22: Completion

  February 22, 2019, 11:11 / 11:22 Completion   By the Will of God and Our Christ, in total Oneness, I Declare today the Divine Plan for Salvation Completed.   In the Fullness of Infinite LOVE,   It Is Done. . . .  

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You Master All the Rhyming

  You Master All The Rhyming   You master all the rhyming in the world, You master tunes and rhymes in such a Grace, and all the Stars and Spheres and Your children that sing and dance and laugh in Your Embrace!…   In vain I think I just made a great poem. The Greatness […]

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Gaia Portal, February 20, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message February 20, 2019     Wings are born on those with freedom of Spirit. YESSS! The Momentum is here. We just take wing and fly! Elements of Higher Vibrations are embraced. Whole Oneness of Creation is here to help! Polarities are leveled. For the Spirit of Truth reigns supreme. Mediators brought […]

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