Sophia Love: Urgent Message 2

  Sophia Love Urgent Message 2 October 20, 2018       October 20, 2018   I was woken up several times last night and did not connect.  Are the beings who did so available now?   We are here Sophia, yes.   Hello. Thank you for becoming available once again to connect.   You […]

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Sophia Love: Urgent Message 1

  Sophia Love Urgent Message 1 October 18, 2018   October 18, 2018   I reach out now to connect. Is there someone available?   We are here, Sophia! Hello! We are pleased to once more “see” you!   Hello! Thank you for coming forward.    Of course, we will! We are always available for […]

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Sophia Love: The Removal

  Sophia Love The Removal October 1, 2018     October 1, 2018   Is there someone who wants to connect?   Yes. Hello Sophia.   Hello. Thank you for coming forward.   You are most accommodating. Coming forward is a simple thing.   To whom am I speaking?   I am Rx…   I […]

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Trumpet Message

  Trumpet Message   It’s right in the air it just stays to drop! Or even from Earth, from her core, has to pop!   The Message is here, the Message is live! Big buzz in the air from thousands bee hive!   Stay up, or you’ll miss it, prop eyes, hear well! Resounding Message  […]

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Gaia Portal, October 19, 2018

  Gaia Portal Message, October 19, 2018     Tsunami elements carry the load for humanity. These are those glorious days of Liberation. In the last while, the Éire Portal Group speaks pretty clearly, and concise. To do the big jump into the 5th Dimension, humanity must definitely leave behind its heavy past. Water being […]

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  Heavenletter 6475  Surviving Astonishment October 18, 2018   God said: Beloved,  We are so strongly attracted to Oneness  because of the truth of  One’s Beingness  that thou and I represent.  I do My utmost  to assure you of this amazing  Oneness  that exists.  Be assured  that you and I  singularly and definitively exist  as […]

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