I’m Fully Awake

  I’m Fully Awake   I’m fully awake like the Age will be crashing, the age of the dark and of death.   I triumph in splashing, my Light Sword is slashing, dissolved is the dark with each breath. .   .    

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The Ages Are All Ready

  The Ages Are All Ready   The Ages are all ready, the Cycles to an end. All shining neat and tidy, no Time is left to spend.   Now is the time. Just open your wings in Joy and GO! The Earth is no more waiting, she’s jumping with a blow! .   . […]

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Take Wing And Fly

  Take Wing And Fly   Take wing and fly, you children of God, in Love, as One! Today we reached our Freedom. It’s done! It’s done! It’s done!   Wipe up your tears, you children of God, as One, in Love! Today His Christ descended to kiss us from above! . .

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What Is This Joy

  What Is This Joy   What is this Joy, my brothers, vibrating all around, our Earth is in for leaping with all us children bound!   Light our eyes, all shining, trembling our hearts in glee! Ready to jump, for Gaia takes us to Realms of Free!   .    

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I Greet You, Holy Brother

  I Greet You, Holy Brother   I greet You, Holy Brother, my Cherished One, in Love, in my big arms I hold You, with all Your host above.   Let’s start the celebrations! Let’s dance our Joy, our jig! Let’s sing, and laugh, for Sacred this Day we all been freed! .   . […]

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How Amazing, This Feeling

  How Amazing, This Feeling   How amazing, this feeling, how exciting, to see this rushing new vibration on this New Earth of free!   The lungs feel like exploding, all cells revolve in speed, the Joy arouses mighty on this New Planet freed.     .  

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It’s Sparkling in the Air

  It’s Sparkling In The Air   It’s sparkling in the air, it will pop, now! now! now! It’s felt in all the spheres, the Jump! the Leap! the Wow!   My pores are all excited, my sensors stand to pop, antenas, all vibrating sense the Great Word will drop!   You feel it, I […]

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This Sacred Day of Freedom

  This Sacred Day of Freedom   This Sacred Day of Freedom I bless all Christ’s fleet! You Cherished One, You welcome, accomplished is Your Deed!   A fleet of thousand vessels, radiantly above; the Light has come, the Freedom, the Wonder and the Love! .     .

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