The Unicorn

  The Unicorn   And you, my poor brother, my Unicorn so sweet, who chased you from your home-world, who put you on a shield?   Who had that cruel mind to slaughter you and yours, extinguish whole species in monstrous, killer force?   From which star are you coming, my dear, little friend, you […]

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The Singing Rain

  The Singing Rain   Again that song so fresh and long of all the drops of rain   of harpsichords and shilf and swords in flight of birds entrain   I thank to Christ I thank to NEB to Mother Earth  again   to working hard all elements in this sweet singing  rain…   […]

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Do Remember

  Do Remember   Do remember, My children, all the Joy in your heart, a New Earth we create, in this Joy we all start!   This big Joy is of God and is all in your chest, do bring back your remembrance and with God manifest!   Do remember to laugh and to dance […]

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Gaia Portal

  Gaia Portal Message July 22, 2018   Predecessors of Light movements are risen above. Predecessors of the Light, our brothers and sisters from the Pleiades Constellation arrive on Earth. Together with the Pleiadians already here, in Agartha of the Inner Earth, they make their appearance on the surface, to complete their support in this […]

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Make me Your scribe

  Make Me Your Scribe   Make me Your scribe, for Thy Love would I trumpet as Thine and mine!   Make me Your scribe, for in dancing I’d shout Your Grace Divine!   Make me Your scribe, for we Victors, in FREEDOM, we are all Thine!    

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God is the Winner

  God Is The Winner   We are all ONE. We emerge now as Victors. We Have All Won.   God’s FREEDOM is ours. We all 7 billions souls on Earth, We Are Now Free.   That’s why we all came, all, to fight our FREEDOM.   We Won.   All the Children of God […]

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How long our fight?

  How Long Our Fight?   How long our fight in God’s Plan for Salvation? Eons long on. Didn’t we land in Egypt to fight the dark? Did’t we walk with Moses to free this world? Didn’t we ever come in this tiny dot Gaia millennia over to bring His Light? Did not Christ Holy […]

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